10 Tips for Enjoying Healthy Holiday Foods


Check Out These Great Tips on Enjoying Healthy Holiday Foods & Parties at the Same Time!

It’s official! Time for sharing love, laughter, and great holiday eating with family and friends. It can be a joyous time. But if you’re someone who has diabetes or other food-sensitive conditions, it can also a time of temptation and stress.

The nutritionists at the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) –a leading regenerative medicine clinic based in the United States- know that navigating holiday eating can be tricky. But there’s good news. Delicious, healthy holiday foods can keep you on track without making you feel deprived!

With that in mind, the nutritional experts at NSI have plenty of tips on how to make holiday eating choices that are both diabetes-friendly and scrumptious. Not as hard as you might think! It’s a matter of balance and remembering that food isn’t the only thing that the holidays are all about. So let’s dig in:

Tips to Help You Enjoy the Festivities More While Choosing Delicious, Healthy Holiday Foods

It’s perfectly understandable that so many of us salivate when we think of annual favorites on the holiday table. The idea isn’t to deprive ourselves; it’s to avoid behaving as if we will never ever see those delectable treats again in our lifetimes. You may say “easier said than done” when it comes to choosing healthy holiday foods. But, in fact, it’s easier to do than you might think. All you need are the right mental and emotional tools.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #1

Take it all in, not just what’s on the table. That’s right: sometimes a healthy holiday foods tip isn’t about the food at all! It’s so easy to let the holiday rush overwhelm us, and when we feel overwhelmed the temptation is strong to go straight to the fridge or the table.

One way to help reduce this impulse is to remember there are treats that don’t have anything to do with holiday eating. So take a few cleansing breaths and let yourself take in the decorations, the music, and the socializing.

This can include beginning a new tradition or two, ones that don’t put the focus on food. Find arts and crafts that the whole family can enjoy. Or volunteer for a charitable organization. There are many that are always in need of helping hands during the holidays and beyond.

Hop in the car and take a tour of the best light displays. Is the weather mild? It will be even more enjoyable to do it on foot. All of these can help you take the focus off eating.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #2

Don’t be draconian. Choosing healthy holiday foods doesn’t have to be a battle between you and your plate. You can give yourself permission to include indulgences as well. Just remember the golden rule of healthy holiday eating: “Everything in Moderation.”

Try this little trick. When you step up to the sideboard with all the yummy appetizers, take half of what you normally would. Walk away to really savor the treat, and don’t go back for more for about ten minutes. You just might be surprised to find that you feel satisfied.

Do you still want more after that ten minute cooling off period? Reach first for some healthy holiday foods that you find tasty and enjoyable, and repeat the process. If you still want more of that special indulgence, go ahead, but put a little less on your plate than you did on the first round.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #3

Choose your battles wisely. This is a variation on Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #2. When you’re at the dinner table, select the single splurge that is most irresistible to you. Choose it above all others. Again, take no more than half the amount you would normally, and do it fully guilt-free. The “guilt-free” part is as important as the portion size! Giving yourself permission in this way can often make a big difference in your satiety level and craving.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #4

Fill your plate will healthy things. Be sure to select healthy holiday foods that you sincerely like. Forcing yourself to eat something you just don’t like often results in an unhealthy downward spiral. You’ll feel deprived because you don’t like what you’re eating, so you give in to the impulse to overeat unhealthy indulgences. That, in turn, can trigger holiday eating guilt.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #5

Eat healthy before you leave the house. Think of it as guilt-free, pre-holiday eating. Fix up a small plate of healthy foods you enjoy. This will go a long way in curbing hunger pangs and boost your ability to practice the healthy holiday foods tips above while you’re socializing. It has the added benefit of easing the stress and guilt that so many of us put on ourselves before we’ve even gotten to the party because we’re worried about “controlling ourselves” once we get there.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #6

Let your hosts know ahead of time that you have dietary restrictions. It’s not an imposition. Your hosts will appreciate knowing, so they can plan a party where all their guests can enjoy themselves and feel comfortable.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #7

Watch out for hidden calories, carbs, sugars, and medicinal side effects. With all the focus on holiday eating, it can be easy to overlook what you’re drinking. Alcohol and many non-alcoholic holiday punches have calories. Alcohol, in particular, can interfere with many medications. Be sure to consult with your doctor about any interactions you should be concerned about. Likewise, if you’re diabetic and taking insulin, be sure get your doctor’s advice on curbing your holiday carb intake.

Also keep in mind that if you’re taking any over-the-counter meds for a cough or cold, many have high sugar content. Some can also interact with alcohol. Also, some OTCs use acetaminophen as an active ingredient. If too much is taken, it may harm the liver.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #8

Downsize your plate. Choosing a smaller plate is a great meal hack that tricks your brain into believing you have more food in front of you than you really do. According to the Calorie Control Council, using an hors d’oeuvres or salad plate can cut holiday eating calories by 40%. When you combine this tip with healthy holiday foods, you go a long way in being about to enjoy the holidays guilt free. You just might find that this trick is so successful, you adopt for your everyday meals, too!

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #9

Bite off less than you can chew. Instead of scooping as much food onto your fork or spoon as you can fit, take smaller bites. As with Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #8, this trick fools your brain into believing you’re eating more than you really are. This can reduce your calorie intake by as much as 30%.

Healthy Holiday Foods Tip #10

Taste, don’t wolf. As with the two Healthy Holiday Foods Tips above, chewing your food longer and eating slower are highly effective ways to enjoy holiday eating more while eliminating more calories. When you really taste every bite and thoroughly chew your food, your brain and stomach can better “sync” up. This allows them to send you signals of satiety and craving control throughout your body. Studies have shown this holiday eating hack can save you as much as 143 calories per serving.

Happy Holidays from NSI!

The holidays can be a whirlwind of parties and happy hours. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose between enjoying yourself tonight or feeling guilty tomorrow about all the holiday eating and drinking you did. By selecting healthy holiday foods, adding a few of your favorite indulgences with moderation, and making use of the tips above you really can enjoy all that this wonderful time of year has to offer without a trace of regret. So go! Enjoy!

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