26 Low Carb Healthy Holiday Treat Ideas


Think There’s No Such Thing as a Healthy Holiday Treat? Think Again!

The holidays are upon us! So are all the tempting foods and sweets that can lay waste to your low carb or keto diet regimen. That is unless you have a healthy holiday treat list that offers you low carbohydrate options that can stand up deliciously to sugary, carb-heavy edibles. And the nutritionists at the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI), a leading regenerative medicine clinic based in the United States, have exactly that!

With the over two dozen healthy holiday treat options featured in this article, you’ll find that sticking to your low carb lifestyle during this festive season won’t feel like a sacrifice at all. They’re also great for those who have food-sensitive conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disease. These treat recipes taste fantastic and are easy to whip up. They’re so good, in fact, that you just might find friends and family reaching for them instead of the heavier fare.

Each healthy holiday treat idea is linked to its recipe. So put on some festive music, get in the holiday spirit, and read on!

26 Low Carb Healthy Holiday Treat Ideas

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #1

Avocado Crisps

Do you love avocados so much you wish you could eat ’em like chips? Now you can! These delicious avocado crisps are a must-have. And they’re easy to make, too. Mash avocados, mix in salt, pepper, and a hard white cheese like parmesan –along with a little lemon zest-then press the mixture into discs. Bake them up, serve them up, and watch them disappear! Hmm…better make a double batch!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #2

Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs

Lush and heavenly, these are bound to be a family favorite. They are loaded with healthy fats from coconut butter and coconut oil, and the rich flavor of blackberries can make a low carb convert out of the most die-hard carb fan.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #3

Black Pepper Beef Jerky

Feeling like something more savory? This recipe for black pepper beef jerky will definitely satisfy. Trust us: this is not your gas station variety jerky! Worcestershire and soy sauces are what give this quality low carb jerky snack its zesty snap. Oh, and lest we forget, you’ll want to add your favorite ale to the marinade!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #4

Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks

Looking for a unique way to bring the zesty heat and flavor of buffalo wings to the hors d’oeuvre table? This snack stuffs celery sticks with a distinctive chicken dip that zings! It can be made with leftover chicken, canned chicken, or with a rotisserie bird you pick up with the rest of the groceries. It takes just minutes to make. But the raves will last for hours.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #5

Cheesy Jalapeno Mushroom Bites

Cheesy. Spicy. Low carb. Out of the oven in fifteen minutes. What’s not to love? The spicy food fans in your family and circle of friends will swoon!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #6

Cloud Bread

Wait a minute. Bread in a low carb snack recipe!? When it’s cloud bread, absolutely! This light and flavorful grain-free alternative will make you forget all about conventional bread. The basic recipe is easy and requires only three, no carb ingredients. But if you like your bread with a hint of sweetness, you can even add a touch of honey. With or without the hint of honey, this cloud bread is perfect for low carb dipping into hummus or a seasoned olive oil.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #7

Crispy Parmesan Tomato Chips

More recipes for crisps? Yes, please! Put these on the table beside the avocado crisps. They’re made from hearty tomatoes like the Beefsteak or Ugli varieties. Slice them up, drizzle them with a high-quality olive oil, and sprinkle them with parmesan cheese and your favorite Italian seasonings. They come out of the oven crisp and irresistible!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #8

Easy Hummus

More people would make their own hummus if they had an easy recipe that’s packed with flavor. Well, here it is! This one-step recipe requires only a handful of ingredients. But if you’d rather let your guests think you spent hours on it, that’s okay. It’ll be our little secret.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #9

Easy Pizza Bites

How can you have your pizza and eat low carb, too? When you use flours made from almond and coconut. Top this yummy pizza dough with savory low carb foods and spices, and your kids will never know they’re eating healthy!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #10

Easy Pumpkin Quick Bread

If you thought the satisfying sweetness of pumpkin bread was forever gone from your low carb lifestyle, now is the time to break into your happy dance. This fast and easy pumpkin bread recipe can be made with granulated sweetener or real maple syrup. It is packed with pumpkin yumminess and carries all the classic flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and walnuts. Put a pat of pure butter on a warm slice and savor the bliss.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #11

Five-Ingredient Baked Cauliflower Tots

Cauliflower is a versatile potato substitute. Even when you’re craving a tater tot fix! And, just as with the Easy Pizza Bites, they’re a great way to introduce your children to a healthy low carb lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention…? They taste awesome!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #12

Four-Ingredient Healthy Almond Donuts

Donut lovers, have we got a healthy holiday treat idea for you! The fact that these donuts are simple to make just makes them that much sweeter. And here’s a bonus: a low carb Chocolate Frosting recipe to slather them with!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #13

Fruit Kebabs

Here’s an especially kid-friendly treat that adds fruit into the low carb mix. This easy kebab recipe pairs fruit bites with nut or raw cheese, making the picky eater in your family start asking for fruit instead of turning up his nose at the mention!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #14

Healthy Chocolate and Coconut Bliss Balls

These blissful treats are sweetened using medjool dates. And using dates as a natural sweetener in recipes will rock your low carb world. Nutritious, full of fiber, and lush, these little spheres live up to their names. The variety of ingredients will send your taste buds straight to nirvana.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #15

High-Protein, Low-Carb Brownie Dessert

Let’s keep this rich, chocolate train going! The brownies you’ll get from this recipe will be some of the fudgiest squares of awesomeness you’ve ever eaten, hands down, low carb or otherwise. Then there’s the added bonus of them being a healthy snack to boot. When was the last time you could say that about a brownie?

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #16

Kale Chips

Kale is known for packing in more health benefits than just about any other vegetable. When most people think “kale,” they think “salad.” But this nutrient-rich leafy green has so much more versatility. This recipe turns kale into a melt-in-your-mouth, crunchy snack that stands tall next to the carb-heavy, over-salted grain, and potato varieties. The basic ingredients of olive oil, kosher salt, and ground black pepper is mouth-watering on their own. But be sure to try all of the other variations. Your whole family will have their favorites!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #17

Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Ever had guilt-free cheesecake? You will now! Low carb and high flavor, this recipe is amazing from the velvety filling to the almond flour and coconut oil crust. High in protein, high in fiber, high in “Love These!”

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #18

Mini Pepper Nachos

Who needs carb heavy tortilla chips when you can get your nacho fix with this mouth-watering recipe? Load up the mini peppers with your favorite shredded cheeses and meats, and don’t forget the tomatoes, avocados, and other flavorful adds like olives, sour cream, and jalapenos according to your preferences. As a snack or a full-on meal item, family and friends will never miss the chips!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #19

No-Bake Almond Butter Bars

Love baked treats but not that whole baking thing you need to do to get them? These almond butter bars are all that, and you don’t even need to light the oven. Delicious, gluten free, low carb, and made with just six ingredients, you probably have everything in the pantry right now that you need to make them!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #20

No-Bake Chocolate Quinoa Cookies

Here’s another great, no-bake recipe. These cookies taste decadent but are so healthy you can even make them a breakfast item. The quinoa base packs them with protein, but the real star of the show is the cocoa powder and sea salt combo that will blow away your taste buds!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #21

Pecan Coconut Balls

Many people actually can’t digest chocolate. Very sad. Unless these luscious chocolate-free treats are on the holiday party table. Made with coconut flakes, crunchy pecans, hemp seeds, and the rich taste of Medjool dates, you’ll be serving a healthy holiday treat that everyone will get to have!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #22

Pizza Zucchinis

The mild flavor of zucchinis makes them terrific as a low carb substitute for carb-heavy pizza dough. When cut into handy snack-sized disks and piled with savory pizza sauce and cheese, they can’t be beat for satisfying the kids’ after-school hunger pangs. They’re just as popular with the grown-ups when you set them on your holiday appetizer table.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #23

Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Add these alongside the kale chips to give your holiday guests even more tasty low carb substitutes for grain-based or potato chips. Lovers of store-bought salt and vinegar chips will love you for them! And you’ll love how simple they are to make, with just four ingredients. We recommend using a mandolin to get a uniform thinness that will satisfy any chip lovers need for crunch.

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #24

Salty Lime Roasted Nuts

Instead of just plunking down a bowl of that old holiday standby, spice them up first by roasting them with sea salt, lime, and maple syrup. The combo may sound odd, but your holiday guests will be begging you for the recipe!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #25

Stuffed Mushrooms

This classic appetizer never gets old. And this low carb take on the traditional recipe will be every bit the favorite as any carb heavy variation. Stuff the mushrooms with turkey bacon, garlic, cauliflower, and grated cheese then prepare to be transported to stuffed mushroom heaven!

Healthy Holiday Treat Idea #26

Very Cherry Snack Bar

This recipe will handily defeat the high sugar, so-called “energy” bars sitting on the grocery shelf. And they’re a breeze to make. Packed with medjool dates, dried cherries, cinnamon, and your favorite nut variety, you and family will never want to reach for the over-processed store bought granola bars again.

Healthy Made Easy…And Delicious!

The physicians and medical professionals of the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be dull and labor intensive. And we think the 26 healthy holiday treat ideas above illustrate that. If you have any questions about how to begin a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle for you and your family (not just during the holidays, but beyond!), NSI is happy to help.

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