5 Strength Exercises to Beat Back Pain


The Best Exercises You Can Do At Home To Combat Back Pain

Back pain is among the most commonly reported issues doctors hear from their patients, and it is the number one reason for missed work and decreased efficiency on the job. When one considers this, it is easy to see why relieving back pain with exercise is so commonly searched for. With millions wanting to get help with finding relief from back pain, these are the strengthening exercises you need to start working into your daily routine!

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To ensure you reap all the benefits of these exercises and do the greatest amount of good, it is important that you pay close attention to every moment and ensure you maintain proper form from start to finish. If you want to strengthen your back and reduce pain, here is how to begin:


1. Decompression Breathing

Oxygen is good and getting a boost of good clean air is wonderful for the body, especially when you are starting a workout routine. Deep breathing techniques have long been used in exercise and workouts and yield amazing benefits. Surprisingly, something as simple as good breathing methods can do wonders for relieving back pain with exercise. Getting started with proper breathing practices is easy! Stand straight so your toes are touching and your heels are a few inches apart. Shift your weight back so you are resting mostly on your heels, unlock your knees so they bend slightly, and gently slide your heels together until they touch. Stretch yourself up nice and tall and pull your arms up over your head, keeping palms together. When you inhale, you want to lift the ribcage away from the hips and when you exhale, tighten your stomach and back muscles slightly. You can do this breathing as often as needed but a few minutes is usually a good way to start your workout.


2. Founder

For this foundational workout pose, you want to start with your feet on the ground, about hips distance apart. Bend your knees slightly and stick your butt back so your lower back is extended and your chest and upper body is in as close to a normal vertical position as you can get. Once you are in this position, slowly pull your arms up along your sides and extend them out in front of you until they are extended up over your head. Hold for a count of 2-3 deep breaths then as you exhale, slowly bend down until your hands are on the floor. If you cannot bend that far, you can use a chair, couch or prop of some kind that you can lean on rather than doing all the way to the floor. From this position you will slowly pull your hands to your shins and slide them up to your knees as you start to stand up. While still partly bent, pull your arms back behind you as far as you can and hold for 2-3 deep breaths here as well. Slowly bring your arms up over your head, take a deep breath, and then bring your arms down to your side and stand up into a full normal stance and relax your muscles by taking a few deep breaths.


3. Adductor-Assisted Back Extension

When it comes to relieving back pain with exercise, this is a good routine to include in your daily workout plan. Among those who do workouts on a regular basis or who have worked with trainers, this is a very well-known exercise that is specifically designed to isolate some of the key muscles located deep in the lower back. This is a great workout for building core strength and improving lower back muscle strength so injuries and pulls do not happen as easily or as often. Start on the ground, lying on your stomach. Rotate your feet in slow arches and flex them a few times. Slide your legs together, ensuring that there is still a slight bend at the knees. Straighten your legs slowly as you press your hips and knees against the floor and then slowly lift your elbows so your hands begin to “float” above the ground. Pull your shoulders in a downward pull, tighten the muscles of your lower back and butt, and lift your chest off the ground as much as you can. Keep your neck straight during this entire movement and hold the pose for as long as possible between 10-30 seconds. Simple yet challenging moves like this makes finding relief from back pain easier.


4. Eight-Point Plank

A plank is a great exercise and while it targets and abs and chest, this is beneficial for back pain relief because when your core is strong, your back is strong and your body balance and alignment can be preserved. Lie on your stomach, feet pointed and flexed, knees touching, and your elbows just in front of the shoulders. Pull your shoulders down and out so you are pulling away from your ears, and at the same time lightly squeeze the knees and elbows so it feels like they are pulling towards your body and pressing as close as possible to your core and your spine. Press knees, toes, and elbows down into your workout mat and slowly lift your hips up as high as you can- the target height being even with the shoulders. Tighten your core to keep your spine in a long straight extended position. Pull the elbows and knees toward each other and once in this position, hold it for 20 to 30 seconds or for as long as you are able to. It is normal to start to tremble and it is a sign that you’re doing this right and putting the necessary pressure and resistance on the muscles groups being targeted. This move is great for relieving back pain with exercise and stretching routines.


5. Woodpecker

Like its namesake birth that tips forward during its search for food, this move will strengthen the lower back muscles as well as the large muscle complex of the buttock. Performing this move is relatively easy but equally challenging. From a lunge position, press your weight into the front heel and stretch yourself up nice and tall. Lift the back heel slightly so it comes up off the ground and then slowly stretch your arms out in front and extend them fully. Push butt as far back without moving your knees as far as you can until you feel the slightly pull start in your hamstrings. Your arms are going to naturally start to reach out further forward to act as a counterbalance so you do not fall. At this point you will need to tighten your core so you keep a neutral spine line, and when you have assured your balance, slowly reach the arms overhead. You will hold this pose for about seconds, then return to a neutral position, take a few deep breaths, and then repeat on the other side.


The Takeaway

Research shows that the spine is one of the integral parts of maintaining a strong and healthy body. By strengthening your back you can relieve your pain and keep other systems and areas of your body in good working order. You’ll be able to reduce pain and stiffness, be more active, and take your health and wellness into your own hands and actually do something about it! With a practice and minimal investment of time and energy you can reap the benefit right from the very first workout! If you are looking for ways to go about relieving back pain with exercise these workouts are a great starting point and can make the path to finding relief from back pain easier!


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