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nsi-stem-cellNSI Stem Cell is home to doctors and clinicians that are seasoned, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping patients. These experts use the most advanced technology available for our patients. Each member of our team works together to deliver seamless, safe, and effective patient care. We strive for absolute perfection. Patient health and comfort are always our first priority.

What you can expect at NSI Stem Cell

First, an in depth history and physical exam occurs. One of our doctors or nurse practitioners will spend as much time as necessary with each patient to ensure a proper diagnosis. Sometimes additional information is needed such as imaging or laboratory reports. At this time, that information would be requested. Patient desires and expected outcomes are discussed at length. Each patient is thoroughly educated on his or her condition and informed of any and all available options for the specific condition.

During a Stem Cell Procedure a sample of adipose (fat) tissue is collected from the abdomen of the patient using a tumescent anesthetic. All patients are made comfortable, and the procedure is minimally invasive. Sometimes, PRP may be used in conjunction with Stem Cell Procedure. This is done by isolating platelet rich plasma from the patient’s own blood.

Our laboratory staff will extract the Adult Stem Cells (ACSs)  in a sterile environment, ensuring no contamination. These cells are not exposed to air particles and contaminants, therefore remain sterile. After the Adult Stem Cells are extracted, the cells will be administered back to the patent by the following modes of administration: Intravenous, Intransal, or Localized. During intravenous infusion, the stem cells will be infused through an IV push. During Intransal infusion, stem cells will be delivered through a nebulizer. During Localized infusion, the stem cells are injected directly into an affected area (knee joint, etc).

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to improve the quality and quantity of the lives of our patients by using the latest regenerative medicine technology to reverse disease and repair tissue while avoiding invasive surgical techniques and harmful medications.

What Do Stem Cells Do?

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