Baldness Stem Cell Therapy Is 21st Century Baldness Cure

baldness stem cellLooking for how to cure and/or treat thinning hair? For eons, men and women have been searching for a baldness cure. And even though chemicals, drugs, hair transplants and surgical procedures have been the main attempts to combat the problem for over 20 and 60 years respectively, every attempt at a baldness cure has been lacking in one form or other. Until now. Hair loss stem cell treatment is revolutionizing baldness treatment like nothing that has come before.*

Since the days of ancient Egypt, people have sought a true and permanent baldness cure. Some of the earliest and most peculiar schemes known include smearing scalps with the excrement of animals, ingesting hazardous brews concocted by shady fly-by-nights and strange 19th century electrical apparatus. Of course, the vast majority of scams and searches for a baldness cure have been dismal failures.

Until the advent of stem cell technology for hair growth, modern society has had to depend on chemical solutions that only work sometimes for a narrow margin of people.* Or resort to uncomfortable, time-consuming hair transplants that, often, just move a person’s baldness to a less noticeable area of the scalp. But now, baldness and hair loss is on the cusp of being relegated to the past, just like the snake oils that were once peddled as a baldness cure.* So, what does injecting stem cells do for hair regrowth?

NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida is an advanced medical clinic with scientists that specializes in regenerative medicine, including hair growth stem cell therapy. We have years of experience in a long list of treatments that use the latest methods and technologies in regenerative medicine, such as stem cell therapies and platelet rich plasma therapies*. So when hair stem cell research developed into a safe, effective baldness cure, we were among the first U.S. medical clinics to offer this exciting innovation to the public.

A Natural Baldness Solution Through 21st Century Science

That may sound like a conflicting statement, but in fact it’s true! A stem cell hair regrowth treatment is a natural cure for baldness in that the patient’s own, naturally occurring stem cells are used to stimulate and regenerate new hair growth. Stem cell research for hair loss has now well established that stem cell technology for hair growth is an effective, permanent treatment for baldness and hair loss.* Whether you’re a man for a baldness cure or a woman distressed about embarrassing patches of thinning hair, stem cell therapy now offers a real solution.*

How Stem Cell Baldness Therapy Works? What Does Injecting Stem Cells do for Hair Regrowth?

Stem cell therapy for hair loss begins with the use of the patient’s own adipose stem cells. Adipose stem cells are stored naturally in the fat that sits just below the skin. Most people, regardless of body type, have an ample layer of fat in the abdominal, thigh or buttock areas. Not only are adipose stem cells abundant in this fat, they are also a particularly potent type of stem cell.

Stem cells are little packets of potential that our bodies use when they need to create new cells, no matter what type: bone, blood, brain, nerve, organ, cartilage and more. In fact, our bodies are doing this all the time, giving stem cells the “assignment” to become the kind of cell needed to make repairs, rejuvenate tissue, regenerate and re-build. As we age, however, our bodies do this less effectively. So a vast supply of our stem cells remains dormant in areas like fatty tissue or bone marrow. These cells can be used as a baldness treatment just as they can be used to treat any number of illnesses, injuries or chronic disorders.*

The first step in stimulating stem cell hair regrowth or growth is to harvest a sample of stem cells from the patient’s fatty layer. The stem cell baldness cure is very minimally invasive. NSI’s method for this is FDA guidelines-compliant and is done on an outpatient basis. The whole procedure, from harvesting the stem cells to completing the stem cell baldness treatment, is done in a matter of a few hours. The only anesthesia needed is a local one in the area where the sample is harvested. There’s no down-time after the procedure and no fear of the body rejecting the stem cells used for hair loss, because the stem cells are the patient’s own.

After the stem cells are harvested, the stem cell therapy for hair loss goes into the process of separating the stem cells from the rest of the tissue by centrifuge. The stem cells are now in a highly concentrated state and ready to become stem cells used in therapy for hair growth. Now the baldness cure begins in earnest.

The rich concentration of stem cells used in the baldness cure is infused into the scalp with two to six injections. The amount of injections and repeat sessions will depend on the extent of hair loss. This rich concentration immediately begins interacting with stem cells that are already present in the scalp and hair follicles, but are sparse and inactive.

The influx of fresh, concentrated stem cells begin triggering those presently dormant in the scalp, signaling follicles to produce chemicals that cause a chain reaction of communication from follicle to follicle, the healthy ones “waking up” those that have deteriorated over time. The deteriorated follicles undergo repair and begin regenerating, once again producing healthy, strong hair, unlike the hair growth alternatives, such as hair transplants. 

Stem Cell Research And Hair Loss Over The Years

Using stem cells in advanced medical therapies has seen a tremendous expansion since the early days of stem cell research. *While the beginnings of stem cell therapy research over twenty-five years ago were highly controversial due to the work with embryonic stem cells, the science and the technology resolved this understandably ethical dilemma long ago when it was discovered that all people have stem cells, also known as mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs, in bone marrow, fatty tissue, umbilical cords donated after giving birth, even within our skin cells.*

It’s no surprise, then, that the advanced field of regenerative medicine is treating major health conditions as well as developing cosmetic therapies like a baldness cure.*

The Clinical Research Background Of Today’s Stem Cell Baldness Cure

This is all backed up by study after study, over 3500 clinically-based in fact, that demonstrate the effectiveness of hair loss stem cell treatment for both men and women. Stem cell therapy for hair regeneration and hair restoration has worked when other more conventional baldness treatments have failed.*

Stem cell technology for hair growth has undergone rigorous clinical research. One of the hallmarks of bringing stem cell therapy for hair loss to the public through advanced medical clinics like NSI Stem Cell Centers is a phase of clinical testing is call Proof of Concept (POC). POC is a particular clinical procedure that demonstrates a method’s viability. In layman’s terms, it helps answer the question “will this work or not?”

Stem cell therapy in general has already undergone intense study and clinical trials to test its ability to treat a wide array of disorders, physical and neurological injuries, and chronic illnesses.* It’s already being used to treat joint pain resulting from sports accidents as well as arthritic issues; neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis; respiratory conditions like COPD; glandular dysfunction like Diabetes; autoimmune diseases like Lupus; and much more.*

It is even being used as a cosmetic anti-aging therapy.* A growing number of people choose stem cell anti-aging therapy over invasive surgeries like face lifts*. It’s no wonder, then, that the stem cell baldness cure has moved through clinical testing and the proof of concept phases into U.S. medical clinics and the public sphere.

Worldwide Enthusiasm For Stem Cell Therapies As A Baldness Cure And More

In the U.S. alone, over 54 million people will experience hair loss during their lives. Whether genetically or age-related, baldness and hair loss is treatable through the regenerative method of stem cell therapy.

A hair follicle is the sheath that surrounds the hair root. The follicle is what provides the hair with sustenance. In fact, the largest organ of our body, the skin, and a hair follicle are the soul organs (to the best of our present knowledge) that regenerate themselves over and over through most of the human life span.

This is all due to the activity of the stem cells that remain particularly active within our skin and hair. Hair continues growing from the follicles anywhere from three to seven years. After that, follicles go into an inactive state while shedding the hairs they have nourished. When a number of months pass, the hibernating follicles re-awaken and hair growth starts anew.

Of course in millions of people, a large enough population of hair follicles stop producing nourishment to the hair root that, prior to the development of a stem cell baldness cure, permanent hair loss or baldness occurred. Understanding the enormous potential of stem cell technology for hair growth, respected universities and research laboratories across the globe joined the race to develop a baldness cure based on regenerative medicine.*

As this exciting new hair loss and baldness treatment catches the eye of the media worldwide and, in particular, as word of mouth spreads via the ever-growing number of thrilled patients undergoing the baldness treatents, it’s more than just a little likely that hair loss stem cell treatment will become the overwhelming norm.* The need to be resigned to baldness and hair loss is become a thing of the past. Dependency on chemical solutions and uncomfortable hair transplants is quickly becoming a bygone artifact of baldness treatment history.

Regardless of the cause of typical hair loss in the majority of the human population, whether hormonal or growing older, the damaged follicles that have stopped growing hair can be restored back to their healthy condition through baldness stem cell therapy.*

Hair Loss & Baldness Stem Cell Therapy At NSI Stem Cell Centers

The stem cell baldness cure is the greatest advancement in hair loss treatment known to medicine.* With this condition affecting over 54 million Americans, both men and women, the need for this essentially natural cure for baldness and hair loss is enormous.

All regenerative therapies at NSI Stem Cell Centers, located in Florida, regardless of the condition being treated includes a free consultation. Our specialists will thoroughly address all questions and customize treatments according to your schedule and needs.

If you have been searching for the true, permanent baldness cure, you need look no further than NSI Stem Cell Centers. We provide an FDA guidelines-compliant hair loss and baldness stem cell therapy that is  effective and long-lasting.*

The full procedure, including preparing the highly concentrated and potent stem cell formula, is done strictly in-house. Once the therapy is given, the adipose stem cell rich injections stimulate the stem cells within the healthy follicles to chemically signal those surrounding them that that have deteriorated. As these follicles repair and regenerate, they begin producing healthy, strong hair once again.

Specifically in our stem cell baldness cure, the stem cells begin building or reinforcing the hair follicle’s papilla. This is the base of the hair follicle bulb. It makes connective tissue and as well as capillary loops, the tiny blood vessels that feed the papilla.

NSI’s own medical data establishes that our adipose stem cell-based baldness cure is greatly successful for both fast and long term hair growth. The effects of our hair loss and baldness stem cell therapy are enduring, long-term and amazing.*  Keep in mind, as well, that all stem cells used in hair loss therapy at NSI are the patient’s own, eliminating any risk of rejection.

These are not stem cells from donors or any other source. Our stem cell therapy for hair loss, or any of our many other stem cell therapies, are regenerative cells that are derived directly from the patient’s own fat stores. They are harvested a few hours prior to injection and go directly to work as the most advanced and effective baldness cure available.

NSI Stem Cell Centers exclusively use adipose-derived adult stem cells. Our hair loss and baldness cure doesn’t require general anesthesia or major surgery, and there is no recovery time afterward needed.

Yet scientists at NSI never stop learning, researching and keeping abreast of the latest developments in developments that support successes in hair loss and baldness treatment through stem cells. And these continue to keep coming. One of the most recent of ongoing clinical trials occurred September 2016. The study revisited the effects of adipose stem cells when stimulating the regeneration of hair.

Adipose Stem Cell Baldness Therapy & Why It Works

When it was discovered that the body has an easily accessed abundant source highly potent adult stem cells the development of regenerative medicine took a giant leap forward. At one time, the medical and research communities contended that the most viable resource of omnipotent stem cells was our bone marrow. But that was before it became known that adult stem cells could be harvested in a way that’s much less invasive and taxing for patients.

Moreover it was discovered that this same, easily accessed source -our subcutaneous fat- holds a far more abundant source of stem cells than bone marrow. But that wasn’t all. The adult stem cells in fat tissue that lies just beneath the skin were found to be more potent than those found elsewhere in the body.

A stem cell that lives inside the fatty tissue just below the skin is called an adipose stem cell or, also, adipose-derived stem cells. These are applied to treating an ever-growing list of chronic conditions, injuries and diseases. Therapies for conditions as varied as COPD, diabetes and autoimmune disease offer remarkable relief or out-and-out healing. Now added to the list is stem cell therapy as a hair loss and baldness cure.

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There’s no longer any reason to be resigned to having to use drugs or chemicals that may or may not work for you, or to resort to the discomfort and surgery of hair transplants. Stem cell hair loss and baldness cure through stem cell therapy is no longer some dream about a far-away sci-fi future. Hair loss and baldness stem cell treatment is available right in the U.S., right now.

NSI Stem Cell Centers are located in Florida. Our stem cell therapies are exclusively done using FDA guidelines-compliant procedures. Our doctors and highly trained staff have years of experience. We also pride ourselves on our commitment and compassion when treating our patients. In addition to stem cell therapy for hair loss, we offer an extensive list of other safe and effective stem cell therapies.*

To learn more about how stem cell therapy works as a hair loss and baldness cure, call (877) 278 3623. You can also take advantage of our Contact Page. We’re happy to help with any questions, as well as set up a consultation that is convenient to you. Be sure to ask for a FREE brochure. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you in restoring a full and healthy head of hair.

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