early signs of ms
Multiple sclerosis (MS) isn’t strictly hereditary, but it is classified as a genetic disease. This means that –while you don’t directly inherit the disease- if you have
recipes to help heal your gut
Recipes to Heal Your Gut You are what you eat and the food you put in your body has a huge impact on your body and can
blood sugar levels
What Is Average Blood Sugar? When Do I Worry About Diabetes? “Do I have average blood sugar levels?” You would think a simple question like that would
spinal stenosis
Learn the Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis When you hear the words “spinal stenosis” from your doctor it can be pretty scary, especially when you aren’t really sure
easy exercises
Think You Have to Plan Large Blocks of Time for Exercise? Think Again! We’re just months away now from traditional New Year’s resolution making. Will you be
failed back surgery syndrome
The Case for Stem Cell Therapy to Avoid Surgery Failure & Failed Back Syndrome To say that surgery failure in treating acute or chronic back pain is
ketogenic breakfast recipe
Breakfast Sausage Chili Instructions: Thaw the sausage patties and shred them up into small pieces. Add the sausage, salsa, water, and spices in a pan and simmer
causes of brain cloud
Whether You Call It Brain Cloud or Brain Fog, Here’s What You Need to Know “What was it I was saying?” “Where did I put my phone?”
strengthen klnees with exercise
Reduce Pain & Strengthen Knees With These 6 Exercises Getting weak in the knees is something you only want to have happen when you are out on
knee effusion
Do You Have a Swelling Knee? It Could Be Knee Effusion Have you heard the term “water on the knee?” It’s a common term for the medical
kidneys and diabetes related
How are Diabetes andKidney Disease Related? Diabetes mellitus is more commonly known to the public as diabetes. The connection between diabetes and kidney disease has been known
lymphatic system problems
A very popular trend among many individuals today is the detox. Whether it is for a day or a week, many are turning to detox cleanses to
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