tips for fighting the effects of aging

9 Ways to Make Anti-Aging a Reality!

Anti-Aging isn’t Science Fiction! Check Out These 9 Ways You Can Make It Happen Now! What do you think of when you hear the term “anti-aging?” For many of us,
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growth factors vs stem cells

What are Growth Factors: Don’t Confuse Them with Stem Cells

Are Growth Factors and Stem Cells the Same Thing? Exploring the Difference Today we are living longer and staying healthier well into our advanced years thanks to modern developments in
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11 Great Anti-Aging Foods!

Can we really slow aging? That question has driven humanity to some amazing actions through the centuries. That’s because, for most of that time, mankind was certain the answer to
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benefits of vitamin drips

4 Benefits Of The Myers’ Cocktail Vitamin Drip

The Myers’ Cocktail Is A Supplement & Vitamin Drip Rediscovered To Battle Anti Aging, Chronic Disease Therapy & More Once, it was fiction: a magical, anti aging potion that
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Boost Cellular Health, Slow Down Aging!

How To Boost Cellular Health And Increase Energy To Slow Down Aging Billions of years ago, cells in your body gave in to an invasion from a group
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FAQ About A Ketogenic Diet For Women

Is A Ketogenic Diet For Women’s Health The Right Choice? The ketogenic diet is no longer thought of as just a “fad diet.” A ketogenic diet for the management
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Go Old School For Health!

You Should Literally Jump For Health! Jumping Jacks Are Fast, Easy, And All-Age Friendly! There’s a saying that goes, “Everything old is new again.” That may not necessarily be a
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10 Foods To Increase Libido In Men And Women

Studies tell us that 32% of women suffer from loss of libido, while 15% of men report lack of sexual desire. But that’s not to say that sexual dysfunction and
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best anti aging foods

Today’s Top Anti Aging Techniques

Today’s Top Ways To Make Anti Aging A Natural Part Of Your Life! It happens to us all. It’s a natural process. We all get older and our bodies go
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prp therapy

Effective PRP For 7 Common Injuries & More

Check Out How PRP For These Common Injuries Gets You Back In The Game Fast! You may have heard the buzz about platelet rich plasma (PRP) as a treatment
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anti aging stem cell treatment

5 Ways Stem Cells For Anti Aging Treatment Works

For thousands of years, history has been littered with myths and false methods for stopping the clock of aging. The legendary queen Cleopatra bathed in sour milk as an
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Top 16 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Promote Health and Wellness

Even with modern advancements in medicine, there seems to be a rise in the number of people affected by arthritis, heart disease, asthma, cancer, amongst others. Many scientists acknowledge that
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