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Healthy and Cheap Foods to Add to Your Diet!

It is common knowledge that healthy foods are the better choice and that fresh fruits and veggies should be in our diets daily. Many people, as they try to eat healthier are discouraged by the high cost of fresh foods and the seemingly endless array of high priced foods that claim to be all natural and healthy.

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Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Simple Chive Sauce

Having diabetes is no easy task and for many, it is a condition they will have to live with for the rest
of their lives. This does not mean that the diagnosis has to be a death sentence. There are many
ways to manage the disease and control symptoms in order to continue living a full and healthy life.

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Tips For Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

Whether you are thinking about cutting sugar from your diet because of a particular health issue like diabetes or you are wanting to lose weight or you simply want to eat healthier, there are several things you can do to make your chances of being successful higher.

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Successful Dieting- A Diet That Works!

There are five key aspects that you need to focus on with your diet plan in order to have success. Successful dieting comes down to getting good local diet and weight loss support and staying focused on the important goals and key areas:

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Benefits of Minor Nutrients and Minerals

Micronutrients, unlike the macronutrients everyone knows about like protein, carbohydrates and fat, are a special classification of vitamins and minerals the body needs to maintain a healthy balance. While they are needed in smaller quantities they are still essential and are needed in order to ensure normal metabolism, growth and overall health. There are many benefits of minor nutrients and minerals that you need to know about and getting enough nutrients can go a long way in making sure that you and your family stay healthy and strong.

“Called micronutrients because they are needed only in minuscule amounts, these substances are the “magic wands” that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development. As tiny as the amounts are, however, the consequences of their absence are severe” (World Health Organization). Here are some minor nutrients and minerals you need to be mindful of:

Thiamine B1 20mg

Thiamine is one of the well-known B vitamins, specifically vitamin B1. It is found in many foods such as grain, yeast, beans, nuts, and most meat. Vitamin B complexes almost always include thiamine along with other B vitamins. People are commonly prescribed a supplement of thiamine to help treat conditions affecting nerves and the circulatory system as well as to help keep healthy hormone levels during pregnancy. Thiamine is also commonly prescribed to help treat a range of digestive problems such as poor appetite, gas and bloating, ulcerative colitis, high levels of acid, and chronic diarrhea. This vitamin is also being used in treatments for AIDS and in concoctions that aim to boost the immune system, relieve severe diabetic pain, fight the effects and onset of heart disease, reduce the damage caused by alcoholism, and more. It is also believed to help with other issues such as aging, canker sores, vision problems, motion sickness, depression and anxiety, morning sickness during pregnancy, memory loss, and energy levels to mention a few more. The benefits of minor nutrients and minerals are obvious when one looks at the impact B1 can have on the body.

Riboflavin B2 0.5mg

Vitamin B2, which is commonly known as Riboflavin, is one of the vital micronutrients the body needs. It also acts as an antioxidant within the body. Vitamin B2 plays a key role in healing and regeneration of the cellular structures and in maintaining healthy blood cells. It also plays an important role in maintaining energy levels, enabling healthy metabolism levels, preventing free radical damage, protects skin and eye health, and much more! As a water-soluble vitamin, as all B vitamins are, B2 must be ingested on a regular basis and reliant on proper hydration for maximum efficiency. All B vitamins are used to help digest and extract energy from the foods you eat; and this one especially is important to preserving the health and vital functions of every single cell within your body. Compared to the other vitamins in the B family, riboflavin must be present in high enough amounts in order for all the other B vitamins to be properly absorbed and used by the body! Getting enough nutrients and the right ones are key to maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

Niacinamide B3 20mg

Niacin which also goes by the name niacinamide is one of the B vitamins- Vitamin B3 to be exact. Vitamin B3 comes from foods high in protein and healthy fats such as eggs, lean meat, nuts and grains and well as deep leafy green vegetables. Niacinamide is a common component of many B complex vitamins and is part of the balance of micronutrients needed to support healthy systems and organs throughout the body. It has been shown to have a positive impact on cholesterol levels and has also been used in the treatment of circulation problems, migraine headache, dizziness, and stomach upset. Vitamin B3 has proven to be very effective in treating symptoms of schizophrenia, hallucinations from illegal drug use, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and anxiety, motion sickness, dementia, addiction, and more! It may also prove to help conditions such as ADHD, memory loss, arthritis, digestive disorders, breathing problems, high blood pressure, impotence, and even help improve energy levels.

Pyridoxme B6 20mg

Pyridoxine is another one of the micronutrient vitamins that many people do not get enough of in their regular diet. Some foods have high levels of B6 but most people get it through the use of supplements. Pyridoxine is most commonly used along with iron to help combat symptoms of anemia and low energy levels. It is also commonly prescribed for treating symptoms of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, homocysteine, high cholesterol, and circulatory disorders. For women, Vitamin B6 is effective at treating symptoms of PMS, and during pregnancy, it can help alleviate morning sickness and help with post-partum depression. Pyridoxine is also being looked into in regards to treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, Down Syndrome, autism, Type I and II diabetes, headaches, muscle cramps, memory issues, fatigue, vertigo, motion sickness, macular degeneration, seizures, sleep regulation, and even the prevention of some cancers and kidney stones. The benefits of minor nutrients and minerals are far-reaching and getting enough nutrients like B6 is key to staying healthy!

Methionine 15mg

A nutrient of the body that very few people have even heard of, methionine is critical to keeping the body healthy and strong and functioning as it should. High levels of methionine are usually gotten in the diet through the consumption of eggs, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, fish, and whole grain. Most fruits and vegetables contain very little of it and the consumption of highly processed foods are thought to affect its availability within the body. Loss of methionine has been used to treat hair loss and premature greying, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, drug withdrawal, schizophrenia, asthma and allergies, drug and alcohol addiction, as well as anxiety and depression. Methionine is vital to the balance of the body’s systems and most people do not get enough through their diets. Getting enough nutrients such as Methionine is important and it ensures you get all the many wonderful benefits of minor nutrients and minerals.

Inositol 30mg

Inositol is what is sometimes called a vitamin-like substance. It is found primarily in plants but is also present in animal by-products. While it does occur naturally, it is most commonly made in a laboratory in order to ensure the proper potency and for easier dosing and consumption. Inositol has proven to be helpful in treating diabetic nerve pain, anxiety attacks, high cholesterol, ADHD, OCD, sleep disorders, several cancers, depression, autism, hair loss, polycystic ovary syndrome, impotence, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, and various skin conditions. It has also been used to help treat premature babies to help improve lung functions and breathing as well as in treatments of medication, relaxation, and mood control. Inositol is often prescribed in small doses and is used in conjunction with other treatment and therapy options in order to maximize results.

Choline 30mg

Choline is a mineral that is very similar in composition to the family of B vitamins. It can be made naturally by the body and it is created in the liver. It is present in foods such as muscle meats, fish, liver, nuts, spinach, wheat germ, beans, peas, and eggs. Choline has long been used for treating liver diseases that include chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It has also shown to be very beneficial in terms of fighting mental decline and other brain-related disorders such as depression, anxiety, memory loss, dementia, Huntington’s chorea, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Tourette’s disease, cerebellar ataxia, seizures, and schizophrenia. It is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase stamina and boost performance levels. Choline is commonly given to women during pregnancy to help prevent birth defects and to ensure mother and baby health. It is also being investigated for its potential at preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, and improving lung functions.

L-Camitine 75mg

L-carnitine is one of the important amino acids that are used by the body as a building block for proteins used in cellular structures throughout the body. It is a micronutrient that is naturally produced in the body. Low levels of this nutrient are most commonly the result of a genetic disorder because one is taking certain medications, or because of an illness or medical procedure that affects the production by the body. It is also used for strict vegetarians, dieters, and premature infants to help boost overall health and wellness and system health. The micronutrient can be helpful for treating conditions that range from muscle cramps and low energy levels as well as brain fog and mood disorders. Infertility, brain decline, memory issues, Rett syndrome, anorexia, diabetes, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, heart-healthy, circulation, muscle health, and boosts in energy and endurance levels also some of L-carnitine’s benefits and demonstrated the benefits of minor nutrients and minerals we can enjoy when we eat right and keep our bodies healthy.


“There is growing interest in the role of the micronutrients (essential trace elements and vitamins) in optimizing health, and in prevention or treatment of disease. This stems partly from the increase in knowledge and understanding of the biochemical functions of these nutrients, but also from the extensive but less well-founded commercial claims for such substances. It is important that doctors and other health professionals are aware of the evidence for the nutritional essentiality of these substances, and for the situations where an increased intake may lead to clinical benefit” (NCBI). There are many benefits of minor nutrients and minerals that you need to know about and getting enough nutrients can go a long way in making sure that you and your family stay healthy and strong. To learn more about how these nutrients and vitamins can impact your health and wellness today and down the road, give us a call today. We can help you discover what benefits of minor nutrients and minerals can do the most good for you and with all the new studies and search that has been done over the last five to ten years, we now know more than ever about why getting enough nutrients is key to keeping yourself healthy! Call today to get started!

What to Look for in a Stem Cell Medical Clinic

When searching for a qualified stem cell therapy center it’s important to remember that not all of them are created equal. Stem cells, when used properly, are your body’s most powerful means for healing that can repair everything from ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to organs including your liver, pancreas and lungs and even neurological tissue like your brain, nerves and spinal cord.

Unfortunately, the majority of so-called “regenerative medicine clinics” in the world aren’t trained in the latest, most technologically advanced procedures and will, therefore, provide poor results if any.

The good news is the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) has established the most advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures on the planet which has drawn patients from all over the world as well as professional athletes and celebrities because they are recognized as the best in the world at stem cell therapy.


What makes NSI Stem Cell the top stem cell clinic in the world is demonstrated in 5 key areas:

1. Highly trained and experienced, board-certified doctors and team members who have performed stem cell procedures on thousands of patients with incredible results.

2. Cutting edge procedures utilizing all that regenerative medicine has to offer for many chronic degenerative conditions.

3. Leading scientific researchers who follow the advanced guidelines to maximize the healing potential of your stem cells and to maintain compliance and ethics

4. Use of only the most potent and viable resource of living, viable stem cells and harvested on the same day. No vial that you can purchase will contain living stem cells. If there is no harvest then there are no stem cells.

5. Post-operative guidance for supporting stem-cell growth including rehabilitation, diet and supplement protocols. NSI is a full-service healthcare center focused on patient outcomes. Stem cell therapy is only one tool used to help improve patients’ lives.

Patients have raved about their experience at NSI Stem Cell Clinics testifying that it was their unique cutting-edge procedures that helped them experience a breakthrough when nothing else worked.

If you want to learn more about NSI Stem Cell Clinics, you can set up a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate. You can contact the National Stem Cell Institute at (877) 278-3623.