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Male Baldness Treatment Q&A

You Have Questions About Baldness Treatment. NSI Stem Cell Has Answers!

stem cell hair growthThere are more than a few sports, movie and TV celebrities nowadays that go for bald. For example, basketball legend Michael Jordan; action hero John Stratham; and Billy Zane, the actor who plays villains we love to hate. And if you have a perfectly shaped dome like these guys, it’s easy to see why they’re not worried about finding an effective baldness treatment. But for the rest of us? We do worry about hair loss. Continue reading “Male Baldness Treatment Q&A”

Patient-Derived Stem Cells Combat Hair Loss

Natural Patient-Derived Stem Cells Work To Reverse Hair Loss

combating hair loss naturallyHair loss and baldness that follows as a result is one of the most common hair problems brought up with doctors today. While it is most prevalent in men, many women also experience female patterned baldness during their lifetime. Baldness is actually a condition in which a person has no or very little hair on their head. Its technical name is alopecia. Patient-derived stem cells used in combating hair loss naturally is the latest, most exciting advance in hair loss treatment.* Continue reading “Patient-Derived Stem Cells Combat Hair Loss”

Baldness Cure: Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth

Baldness Stem Cell Therapy is a 21st-Century Baldness Cure

baldness stem cellFor eons, men and women have been searching for a baldness cure. And even though chemicals and surgical procedures have been the main attempts to combat the problem for over 20 and 60 years, respectively, every attempt at a baldness cure has been lacking in one form or another. Until now. Hair loss stem cell treatment is revolutionizing baldness treatment like nothing that has come before.*
Continue reading “Baldness Cure: Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth”

Adipose Stem Cell Baldness Treatment Backed By Science

Clinical Trials Support Stem Cell Baldness Treatment As Practiced By NSI Stem Cell Centers

baldness cureClinical trials that continue to support the success of using stem cell therapy for hair loss just keep coming. In a recent report released in September 2016, a clinical trial was conducted to study the effectiveness of fat-derived adult stem cells to stimulate the re-growth of hair. NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida has an established stem cell baldness treatment that offers patients a permanent solution to their hair loss. Yet many people across the U.S. are only now discovering the powerful role of adipose stem cells in redefining the meaning of a baldness cure.* Continue reading “Adipose Stem Cell Baldness Treatment Backed By Science”

Hair Regeneration Through Stem Cell Therapy

Hair Regeneration Is Possible Today With Stem Cell Therapy

hair stem cell therapyHair loss isn’t funny and unimportant to those who experience it. In America alone, fully 85% of men will suffer appreciable hair loss. But, contrary to thought, hair loss doesn’t just affect men. 30 million American women suffer from some degree of hair loss, and the loss is often significant. For centuries, people have resorted to a vast array of creams, sprays, wigs, toupees and, finally, hair transplants. All of these, ultimately, are an unsatisfying hair loss solution. But now, many thousands of hair loss sufferers are turning to the new way to grow their own hair again through hair regeneration with stem cell therapy. Advanced medical clinics like NSI Stem Cell in Florida provide hair stem cell therapy through the use of the patient’s own adipose adult stem cells.* Continue reading “Hair Regeneration Through Stem Cell Therapy”

Stem Cell Injections: Non-Invasive & Innovative

Innovative Stem Cell Therapy with Superior Results

stem cell therapyStem cell injections work with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. But not like other treatments that merely address the symptoms of the disease, stem cell therapy promotes that body repair and also the restoration of the damaged and diseased tissues.*

Here at NSI Stem Cell, we offer non-invasive regenerative procedures and this is the focus of our practice. From cosmetic therapy like Hair Loss, to vital life-quality treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, to debilitating chronic diseases like COPD, therapy via stem cell injections is changing the lives of thousands.* Continue reading “Stem Cell Injections: Non-Invasive & Innovative”