Diabetes and Kidney Disease: Can You Reverse Kidney Damage?

How are Diabetes andKidney Disease Related? Diabetes mellitus is more commonly known to the public as diabetes. The connection between diabetes and kidney disease has been known for decades.
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Kidney Disease and Diet: Top 15 Best Foods

15 Top Foods for Kidney Disease and Diet Management Every day, it seems, medical research discovers more links connecting chronic diseases, inflammation, and the significance in what are known as
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stem cell therpy for kidney disease

About Kidney Disease and Stem Cell Therapy

How Does Today’s Stem Cell Therapy Tackle Kidney Disease? Modern medicine has known about the immense potential of stem cells as a safe and profoundly effective therapy since the 1950’s.
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Facts About Kidney Failure And Disease

Facts About Kidney Failure And Disease More than 661,000 Americans have kidney failure. When these critical organs are healthy and working, they are essential in helping the entire body keep
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Ketogenic diet stem cell therapy

Perfect Pair: Ketogenic Diet & Stem Cell Therapy

More and more people are getting to know the benefits of the ketogenic
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Kidney Disease Breakthrough

Kidney Disease Research Using Stem Cells Reaches Another Milestone In the United States alone, almost 5 million adults have been diagnosed with kidney disease. Some forms of kidney disease can
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