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Erection Dysfunction: What To Know

Erection Dysfunction Treatment with Stem Cells: What You Should Know

erectile dysfunction causesThough much of the public is only just hearing about it, stem cell therapy for a wide array of illnesses, injuries and physical conditions has been practiced safely and effectively in the United States for many years now.* These advanced, regenerative treatments range from simple joint or muscle injuries, to neurological problems like neuropathy, and cardio-related ailments such as stroke.* NSI Stem Cell Centers, located in Florida, is among the longest-running, FDA guidelines-compliant, advanced medical clinics in the U.S. Stem cell treatment for erection dysfunction – also known as erectile dysfunction, or ED – has been successfully practiced at NSI for a number of years, and has proven to be safe, long-term, and effective.* Continue reading “Erection Dysfunction: What To Know”

A Healthy Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan

Tips for a Healthy and Satisfying Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan

diabetes dietType 2 diabetes (T2D) is the most common form of diabetes. Also known as adult-onset diabetes, T2D is diagnosed for approximately 3 million Americans every year. Type 2 diabetes has the potential to be a life-long disease. If not properly managed, T2D can affect eye sight, the body’s organs and extremities, cause erectile dysfunction in men, and invite heart disease and stroke, among other problems. The good news is that, in this day and age, type 2 diabetes is more manageable than ever, and even reversible, with effective treatment like stem cell therapy for diabetes, and observing a healthy diabetes diet. Continue reading “A Healthy Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan”

Beginners Ketogenic Diet Tips

New to Keto? Start with These Beginners Ketogenic Diet Tips

keto diet benefitsYou’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about ketogenic diet plans for better health and weight loss. These plans are gaining popularity not just for weight management, but for the way they can help people manage many chronic conditions like Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. But whether you’re looking for a healthy way to relieve symptoms of a chronic disease or a better path to weight management, you’ll need some tips on how to start a beginners ketogenic diet.* Continue reading “Beginners Ketogenic Diet Tips”

The Basics of the Ketogenic Diet

Just Now Hearing About the Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle?

keto dietHave you been hearing about a lifestyle nutrition plan called the ketogenic diet? If the term is new to you, you’re not alone. But if you think a ketogenic diet is a one-size-fits-all program, think again! NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida, which specialize in pairing advanced regenerative medical procedures like stem cell therapy with sound nutritional counseling, takes you through this review of the main ketogenic diet types. Continue reading “The Basics of the Ketogenic Diet”

Today’s Stem Cell Diabetes Therapy

How Stem Cell Diabetes Therapy Is Changing Medicine

diabetes treatment optionsStem cell diabetes therapy has revolutionized the way modern medicine thinks about diabetes treatment options. Both diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are considered autoimmune disorders, under the same umbrella that includes autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis. And with over 31 million people suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes in the U.S. alone, it’s no wonder that this breakthrough regenerative therapy has caught the attention of medical professionals and the public alike. Continue reading “Today’s Stem Cell Diabetes Therapy”

Stem Cell Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

Stem Cell Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Is Available Today In The U.S.

ed therapy optionsErectile Dysfunction (ED) is the medical term for the condition called ‘impotence’ among the general population. It is defined as the repeated inability of a man to get or keep an erection that is hard enough for sexual intercourse. The word ‘impotence’ can be used at times for other sexual performance issues, but most commonly this is what it is referring to. Using the term erectile dysfunction makes it clear that those other problems are not involved. Today stem cell erectile dysfunction therapy is the most advanced method in ed therapy options, and is available right here in the U.S. at advanced medical clinics like NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida.* Continue reading “Stem Cell Erectile Dysfunction Therapy”

Diabetes Stem Cell Breakthrough

Diabetes Stem Cell Breakthrough A Reality

stem cell diabetes treatment1 out of 4 Americans are living with diabetes or at high risk for developing diabetes. People living with diabetes now have a new option when it comes to treating the disease. This Diabetes stem cell breakthrough is changing the face of diabetic medicine.* It is a new non-invasive therapy, a technologically advanced approach to decreasing your blood sugar levels and may also lower your need for insulin injections.* Continue reading “Diabetes Stem Cell Breakthrough”

Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Therapy News

Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Therapy Continues To Be Supported By Research

ED stem cell treatmentErectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is among the most common sexual disorders that are reported to doctors and health‐care providers by men. It is also the most investigated of all male sexual dysfunction and sexual health concerns. Currently, treatment for cases of ED focuses on symptoms and correcting them rather than trying to cure the issues that are causing the symptoms. However, this is beginning to change as Erectile Dysfunction stem cell treatment has been gaining ground over the last decade. Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Therapy News”

Today’s Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment

Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment Supported By Research

stem cell type 2 diabetesOngoing clinical research continues to support Type 2 Diabetes stem cell treatment that is available today in medical clinics across the country like NSI Stem Cell in Florida.

The success of stem cell treatment for a wide array of ailments, injuries and chronic pain is already familiar to a growing segment of the U.S. population. Relief from respiratory conditions like COPD, nerve damage like Peripheral Neuropathy just a couple of examples of the types of stem cell therapy that has dramatically improved the lives of many thousands.* Even so, those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes are often surprised to learn that there is a Type 2 Diabetes stem cell treatment readily available now that is supported by reams of medical research.* Continue reading “Today’s Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment”