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Our mission is to improve the quality of the lives of our patients that suffer from the following conditions.

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Addressing this neurological development disorder with stem cell therapies has shown to help improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain and help regrow damaged neurons.

anti aging

Anti-Aging Therapy

NSI’s stem cell replacement therapies help patients achieve reduced age spots, younger appearance, improved energy, reduced stiffness and more.


Alzheimer's Disease

At NSI, we’re keeping a close eye on the exciting developments of stem cell therapy for Alzheimer patients.


Autoimmune Disease

When dealing with Autoimmune disease with stem cell arthritis therapy, patients experience improvements in their symptoms and pain relief.



Using stem cells for traumatic brain injury therapy can help improve neuron damage of the brain by growing new and healthy brain cells.

back conditions


Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy can help lessen the damages and underlying problems that cause mild to severe back pain.

arthritis treatment


Through stem cell therapies, arthritis patients can experience healing of scar tissue and eliminating inflammation and pain.



Stem cell therapy can support the body and allow for maximum healing for patients suffering from this progressive lung disease.

stem cell therapy for diabetes


Three ways stem cell therapy can help patients maintain their diabetes include: repair damaged tissue, produce anti-inflammatory effects and regulate the immune system.

lupus stem cell treatment


Adult stem cell therapy holds promise as another avenue for lupus patients and is currently utilized for therapy of severe symptoms.

lyme treatment


Stem cell therapies for long-term Lyme disease are focused on stimulating the growth of healthy cells and to lessen the severity of the side effects.



Multiple sclerosis stem cell therapy methods have shown great promise at reducing symptoms, reversing damage and restoring quality of life.

neurological treatment


Neurological stem cell therapy “assigns” fledgling adult stem cells the task of becoming the exact types of cells needed for re-growth and renewal.

neuropathy therapy


Adipose(Fat)-Derived Stem Cell Therapy can help repair and regenerate damaged tissue caused from peripheral neuropathy.

osteoarthritis treatment florida


At NSI, we have same day stem cell procedures that can help eliminate the pain associated with osteoarthritis.



Parkinson’s disease stem cell therapy has shown great promise at reducing symptoms such as: muscle cramps, stooping posture, primary motor dysfunctions and more.

rsd therapy


Because stem cell therapy addresses the issue of inflammation and disease along with restoring tissue, it has emerged as the most effective therapy for CRPS/RSD.



Stem cell therapies are not only a new trend in stroke therapy but are the most promising whenaddressing the side effects of a stroke.

ED treatment


Stem cell therapy for ED helps create new blood vessels and pathways to promote adequate blood circulation.

foot and ankle treatment


Get relief from foot and ankle arthritis pain without surgery or steroids through stem cell therapy and PRP therapy.

balding cure hair loss

Hair Loss

Stem cell therapy for hair loss is highly effective for fast and long-term hair growth improvement.

wrist pain


Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy is a non-invasive solution to hand and wrist pain that can improve a patient’s overall symptoms.

hip pain therapy


NSI Stem Cell Centers help repair and relieve hip problems with our same-day procedure of taking individual stem cells and delivering them to the injured area.

heart therapy

Heart Failure

NSI’s stem cell heart failure therapies are safe and individualized for each patient and helps stop the progression of the disease while repairing the damage.

kidney disease treatment


Though there is no cure for kidney failure and advanced kidney disease, there is promising results seen with stem cell therapy.

knee pain therapy

Knee Pain

Stem cell knee therapy can eliminate the need for knee surgery and can help all different types of knee conditions.


Liver Disease

Stem cell therapy can help liver disease patients with blood and oxygen delivery and waste removal that helps the liver regenerate faster.

spinal pain

Spinal Cord

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries can help bridge the gap and help develop healthy tissue and reduce damaging inflammation.



Stem cell therapy can help people with shoulder pain by reducing inflammation in your joints. Highly effective with rotator cuff issues.

man priupus

P Shot

The Priapus shot, or P-Shot, is a nonsurgical procedure that takes a man’s own platelets and stem cells and stimulates rejuvenation

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