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PRP Injection Therapy Promotes Faster Healing

PRP helps promote healingA platelet rich plasma injection, or PRP injection therapy, is specially designed to help aid the body’s natural healing process, and to generate new healthy cells at the sight of injury.* At NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida, blood platelets and stem cells are used to treat numerous orthopedic conditions. These include wounds, damage to soft tissue, and injury of the joints and muscles, such as the Knee, Hand/Wrist or Foot/Ankle.*

Platelet rich plasma uses the patient’s own blood to create a concentrated serum of stem cells and platelets. This concentrate is known as PRP, and when it is reintroduced into the body at the site of an injury or damaged tissues, PRP helps promote healing and encourages the development of new cells and tissues.* PRP injection therapy is well known in professional sports medicine, but is still relatively new among pain management practices and wound care therapy. But it is already showing amazing results.

Numerous clinical tests and trials, and NSI’s own success stories with patients, show that PRP injection therapy helps promote healing in almost every instance that it is used.* This is just one of the ways that NSI is committed to providing the best care possible to each and every patient we work with.

PRP Injection Therapy

Many individuals come to NSI seeking help with pain management and wound care. PRP injection therapy is proving beneficial for damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, soft tissue and other areas that do not respond as well to traditional care and management.* A PRP injection can be used to aid in the recovery of many common issues ranging from shoulder and knee dislocations, back and neck pain, muscle and tendon pulls, and soft tissue injury.*

A platelet rich plasma injection is a simple procedure. It is performed on an outpatient basis, which is yet another perk that makes PRP injection therapy so popular among patients. PRP therapy helps promote faster healing and reduces pain and we are proud to be passing this on to our patients. Each and every procedure and treatment we give is overseen by Dr. Eric Edgerton’s medical team. This helps to ensure that our patients receive the same high-quality care no matter which clinic location they go to.

There are three main areas platelet right plasma is used at NSI: pain management, wound care, and sports medicine. * Let’s take a closer look at each.

Pain Management

At ever-increasing rates, patients suffering with chronic pain are considering new breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, like PRP injection therapy and stem cell treatments, for their pain management*. Some of the most common areas of chronic pain that can be treated include:*

Neck and back pain caused by disc and vertebrae issues

Rotator cuff injuries and other similar issues

Tennis elbow, shin splints, and golfer’s elbow

Carpal tunnel and other pinched nerves

Nerve entrapment and damage

ACL and MCL tears

Plantar fasciitis and other similar issues

Joint arthritis and osteoarthritis

Wound Care

When used at the site of a wound or injury, our blend of platelet rich plasma and stem cells help stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms and results in a faster recovery, fewer side effects, less scaring, and reduce pain during recovery.* Regenerative medicine using PRP injection therapy is changing the way we treat injuries.

NSI Stem Cell Centers have been using platelet rich plasma and stem cells to treat numerous orthopedic conditions, soft tissue damage, wound, and joint and muscle pain and damage for several years. Whether they are cuts and scrapes, more serious injuries resulting for accidents, or wounds left after an invasive surgery, PRP can drastically improve healing and recovery results.* As more and more research and practical application show just how PRP injection therapy helps promote healing, its applications are being dramatically expanded and embraced by patients and the medical community alike.

Sports Medicine

The first big push for PRP and stem cell therapies came thanks to its use in sports medicine. With big-name athletes and sports celebrities getting treatments and seeing amazing results, it did not take long for the world to notice the effectiveness of PRP injection therapy and stem cell treatments.

Over the last decade or so, advancements have opened many doors for improved treatments in the field of sports medicine and therapy. PRP injection therapy can treat a variety of issues commonly seen in sports areas such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, golf, and many others. Since then we have seen how PRP helps promote healing in a range of injuries.* It reduces pain, inflammation, stiffness, and even side effects that have developed from surgeries.*

These platelet rich plasma and stem cell-based treatments enhance the body’s natural ability to mend itself, and particular shine when used on slow-to-heal injuries like those involving tendons or ligaments.* NSI’s procedures and methods have been used to aid in treatment for both common and unique sports injuries. There are many success stories that can be found on NSI Stem Cell Centers’ website for all of our PRP injection therapy procedures.

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The physicians and medical professionals at NSI Stem Cell Centers of Florida are committed to improving the lives of patients and offering the best treatments and therapies possible. NSI wants to treat common aches and pains, as well as bring an end to acute and chronic pain for our patients. Because PRP injection therapy carries exceptionally low side effects and risks, especially in comparison to most conventional treatments, platelet rich plasma treatments and stem cell therapies are NSI’s primary focus. And NSI continues to work on new ways to utilize these natural powerhouses of the human body.

No matter what your needs are, NSI can help find the therapies that work best, and develop a custom plan of treatment to address all of your needs. Whether it is PRP injection therapy or a combination PRP and stem cell treatments, we can help you get your life back after any serious injury or surgery.*

It’s now well-established that PRP helps promote healing. NSI wants you to be able to take advantage of this advanced medical treatment. Contact NSI at (877) 278-3623 today, ask for a FREE brochure, and set up your consultation appointment. A life free of pain and a better recovery after injury or surgery is waiting for you, so do not let it pass you by!

What to Look for in a Stem Cell Medical Clinic

When searching for a qualified stem cell therapy center it’s important to remember that not all of them are created equal. Stem cells, when used properly, are your body’s most powerful means for healing that can repair everything from ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to organs including your liver, pancreas and lungs and even neurological tissue like your brain, nerves and spinal cord.

Unfortunately, the majority of so-called “regenerative medicine clinics” in the world aren’t trained in the latest, most technologically advanced procedures and will, therefore, provide poor results if any.

The good news is the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) has established the most advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures on the planet which has drawn patients from all over the world as well as professional athletes and celebrities because they are recognized as the best in the world at stem cell therapy.


What makes NSI Stem Cell the top stem cell clinic in the world is demonstrated in 5 key areas:

1. Highly trained and experienced, board-certified doctors and team members who have performed stem cell procedures on thousands of patients with incredible results.

2. Cutting edge procedures utilizing all that regenerative medicine has to offer for many chronic degenerative conditions.

3. Leading scientific researchers who follow the advanced guidelines to maximize the healing potential of your stem cells and to maintain compliance and ethics

4. Use of only the most potent and viable resource of living, viable stem cells and harvested on the same day. No vial that you can purchase will contain living stem cells. If there is no harvest then there are no stem cells.

5. Post-operative guidance for supporting stem-cell growth including rehabilitation, diet and supplement protocols. NSI is a full-service healthcare center focused on patient outcomes. Stem cell therapy is only one tool used to help improve patients’ lives.

Patients have raved about their experience at NSI Stem Cell Clinics testifying that it was their unique cutting-edge procedures that helped them experience a breakthrough when nothing else worked.

If you want to learn more about NSI Stem Cell Clinics, you can set up a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate. You can contact the National Stem Cell Institute at (877) 278-3623.

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* Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary. As each patient’s problem is different, each treatment must be tailored around your specific needs.