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Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatments Are A Reality Right Now!

anti-aging serumBy now, everyone has heard through every kind of news outlet about the exciting advances made in stem cell therapy. Practiced in advanced medical clinics in the U.S. like NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida, safe, effective and fully ethical stem cell therapies have broken ground in treatments as diverse as diabetes and the popular O Shot for women.* But did you know that 21st century regenerative medicine also includes stem cell anti-aging therapy?

Numerous clinical trials over the years have shown how stem cell anti-aging therapy helps slow or, in some of these past trials, even reverse the body’s progressive aging.* Stem cells’ distinctive abilities in regeneration and anti-aging are put to use in organ, tissue and cell repair. In the case of stem cell anti-aging treatments, this natural ability within stem cells is used in treating damages brought on by stresses, and environmental toxins and impurities.*

Litter wonder, then, that stem cell regenerative medicine is among the primary focal points in today’s medical fields.*

Why Stem Cell Anti-Aging Therapy Works

Stem cells, known medically as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), are at the core of all things regenerative in the body. Whenever an organ or body system needs fresh building material, repairing or rejuvenation, stem cells are called upon. These little packets of potential become whatever kind of cell the body needs. In the case of stem cell anti-aging treatment, the MSCs are used for replacing skin cell damage or disease with fresh, youthful skin cells.

So why, then, don’t our bodies keep the new stem cells coming in for repair and regeneration all our lives as a kind of automatic stem cell anti-aging treatment? Well, in a sense, they do. However, time and climate and years of sun exposure and illnesses outpace the body’s natural ability for renewal. Though stem cells are circulating throughout our bodies our whole life long, as we age, their population in the immediately available areas decreases.

However, the body does have ample stores of MSCs that are “warehoused” in different areas. Bone marrow is one, but a far more abundant source of particularly potent stem cells is the body’s fat stores that lie just below the skin. These are called adipose-derived (or fat-derived) stem cells, also known as adipose-derived MSCs (A-MSCs). That these especially potent stem cells can be harvested from such an easily accessible source has been a boon in stem cell anti-aging therapy, as well as a long and growing list of other stem cell treatments.

NSI Stem Cell Centers excel in tapping this rich, natural resource within our own bodies in order to develop a potent stem cell anti-aging treatment. With just a small sample of adipose-derived stem cells harvested from your very own easily-accessed fat stores, an anti-aging serum can be tailored made for you. That means no risk of rejection, since the stem cells are your own.

Here’s how NSI’s stem cell anti-aging therapy works:

Our regenerative medicine professionals begin with an examination that addresses the primary regions you want to focus on, then determine what stem cell anti-aging therapy can accomplish for you. Our advanced stem cell anti-aging serum replenishes your entire system with a rich concentrate of your own stem cells, allowing for repairs and renewal throughout the body’s organs. Potent A-MSCs combat the effects of aging that occur in virtually all regions on or in the body. But it’s on the body’s largest organ, the skin, where the positive effects can best be seen.

A complete stem cell anti-aging treatment is done in just a few hours. That includes the harvesting of your stem cells. Usually, these are harvested from one of the following the fat stores: those found on the thighs, the abdomen, hips or buttocks. A small sample is all that is needed, so only a local anesthetic in the area where it is taken is necessary.

The sample goes through centrifugation which separates the stem cells from the fat, and highly concentrates them. This strong concentration of stem cells now makes a powerful anti-aging serum which combats the lines, wrinkling and discoloration that occurs as we age. In a matter of a few hours, a stem cell anti-aging treatment is done and you can return to your regular daily activities with no discernible downtime.

As the stem cells in our anti-aging serum flow throughout your skin and begin to multiply, you’ll notice your skin begin to look more youthful and your complexion’s tone evening out as discolorations reduce.* Fine lines and wrinkling will decrease.*

The stem cell anti-aging treatment will also make a difference in your energy level.* Fatigue will decrease, you’ll notice an improvement in muscular strength and a reduction in any stiffness or discomfort in your joints.* You will likely also notice a boost in your overall mood and mental sharpness. * Stem cell anti-aging therapy has been shown to slow the symptoms of degenerative diseases and, on the whole, aid in improving a patient’s life viewpoint.*

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If the benefits of stem cell anti-aging therapy are what you’ve been looking for, you need look no further than NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida. Let us show you why safe, effective and fully ethical stem cell regenerative medicine is growing so fast throughout the U.S. and the world.

But stem cell anti-aging treatment isn’t the only advanced therapy at NSI Stem Cell Centers. We have a long and growing list of FDA guidelines-compliant stem cell therapies in practice and available to the public right now. Our medical staff is happy to answer any questions. We also have a FREE brochure available with information on all our stem cell therapies.

What to Look for in a Stem Cell Medical Clinic

When searching for a qualified stem cell therapy center it’s important to remember that not all of them are created equal. Stem cells, when used properly, are your body’s most powerful means for healing that can repair everything from ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to organs including your liver, pancreas and lungs and even neurological tissue like your brain, nerves and spinal cord.

Unfortunately, the majority of so-called “regenerative medicine clinics” in the world aren’t trained in the latest, most technologically advanced procedures and will, therefore, provide poor results if any.

The good news is the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) has established the most advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures on the planet which has drawn patients from all over the world as well as professional athletes and celebrities because they are recognized as the best in the world at stem cell therapy.


What makes NSI Stem Cell the top stem cell clinic in the world is demonstrated in 5 key areas:

1. Highly trained and experienced, board-certified doctors and team members who have performed stem cell procedures on thousands of patients with incredible results.

2. Cutting edge procedures utilizing all that regenerative medicine has to offer for many chronic degenerative conditions.

3. Leading scientific researchers who follow the advanced guidelines to maximize the healing potential of your stem cells and to maintain compliance and ethics

4. Use of only the most potent and viable resource of living, viable stem cells and harvested on the same day. No vial that you can purchase will contain living stem cells. If there is no harvest then there are no stem cells.

5. Post-operative guidance for supporting stem-cell growth including rehabilitation, diet and supplement protocols. NSI is a full-service healthcare center focused on patient outcomes. Stem cell therapy is only one tool used to help improve patients’ lives.

Patients have raved about their experience at NSI Stem Cell Clinics testifying that it was their unique cutting-edge procedures that helped them experience a breakthrough when nothing else worked.

If you want to learn more about NSI Stem Cell Clinics, you can set up a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate. You can contact the National Stem Cell Institute at (877) 278-3623.

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