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If you're in pain or suffering from a condition, and you've been told that you have to just live with it and your only option is to 'manage' the condition with medication...

NSI Might Be The Solution For You ...

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This innovative therapy option for alleviating pain and restoring function in the body could be the answer you’ve been looking for! We know you may have tried everything, and may have seen numerous doctors to take care of your condition, without real success. This can be very frustrating and can cause a lot of stress on you and your family. It is very important to your recovery to find someone that understands your journey and what you have been through along the way.

You may have been through the ringer with your injury or condition. Many of our patients have spent years getting their hopes up, and then getting their hopes dashed.

Our Protocol Is Minimally Invasive. Offering Same Day Stem Cell Therapies*

Here Is How Stem Cell Therapy Works...

Stem Cell Therapy is about using your body’s own stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue. So if you, or someone you love, is suffering please read on to find out who can be helped and how.Our Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative therapy that is recommended for a wide variety of chronic conditions, most commonly orthopedic, yet many people are learning about it now for the first time.

These are not embryonic stem cells or cells from fetuses. These regenerative cells come straight from your own body.

They are extracted just a few hours before they’re injected back into your body and put to work to heal damaged or dysfunctional tissue.

We use a variety of stem cells derived from the patient’s own tissues. Our preferred choice is bone marrow because the cells there are “multi-potent” which means that they have the ability to differentiate into muscle, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage. Once introduced into the damaged or diseased area, the stem cells can then heal your damaged tissue and regenerate new healthy tissue.

Stem Cell Therapy offers significant potential for the healing of tissues that have become injured as a result of the aging process.

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Many of our patients from around the world have been given a “sit and wait” diagnosis from their traditional medical doctors. They’ve been sent home with an arsenal of medications that will hopefully “manage” their symptoms and pain. But ultimately, they’re given ZERO hope of recovery through traditional medicine.

You don’t have to live that way any longer. If you’ve given up hope, you owe it to yourself to investigate Stem Cell Therapy as a possible solution. You owe it to yourself to hope again, even if you’re afraid you’ll ultimately be disappointed. The vast majority of our patients experience amazing results

Managing pain with drugs and taking just enough prescription meds to “survive” the day is simply no way to live.

You deserve much better.

The truth is that our bodies actually contain the miraculous healing ability we need and there’s a very good chance that our very minimally invasive stem cell therapy can help you access and direct that healing ability.

* Imagine how good you would feel if you didn't have to take your prescription medicine

* Imagine how good it will feel to walk around without pain, to participate in life, and enjoy the things you've always wanted to do, but just couldn't.

Your life really can be very different.

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Make an appointment for your NO CHARGE evaluation and get this amazing therapy as soon as you can.Your body is most likely ready right now to heal itself with this regenerative procedure. If Stem Cell Therapy is right for you, you’ll wonder what in the world took you so long to call us.

If you’re thinking of putting off the call or poking around a little longer until you’re “sure” you should pick up the phone, please remember that there’s only so much chemical interference your body can endure.

How many more days do you want to be in pain? Isn’t it worth a phone call and an hour of your time to discover if you can be healed right now? Don’t waste another day relying on drugs that make you feel bad and destroy your organs.

If there is a good reason not to call and find out what Stem Cell Therapy could do for you, at no cost to you, we can’t think of it. We have tried very hard to make learning how to improve your quality of life as easy as possible. If you are still hesitant; we’d like to know why. Please call now or fill out the form and we will call you.

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Are you a Candidate?
Fill out this form to see if you qualify for stem cell therapy.