What Is Neurological Stem Cell Therapy?

stem-cell-therapy-neurological-diseasesContrary to what some might think, Neurological Stem Cell Therapy isn’t a single treatment for a single type of disease. Nor are neurological diseases restricted only to the brain. A neurological disease is a disorder or illness that affects any part of the body’s nervous system. These can include the basic physical structure, biochemistry, or electrical functioning of the brain, the spinal cord, or any nerves related to them. The symptoms can run the gamut including paralysis, muscular problems, difficulty with coordination, losing physical sensations, experiencing seizures, confusion, pain, or shifts in one’s sense of consciousness.

Every region of the brain and spinal cord has its own specialty cells. The neurological stem cell therapy treatments at NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida focuses on isolating and expanding the patient’s own adult Neural Stem Cells from each region that is to be involved in treatment. This is done by harvesting a sample of the patient’s own fatty tissue that is found just below the skin. With this advanced technique NSI can relieve the symptoms of a diverse variety of neurological diseases, such as Autism and Multiple Sclerosis.

How Neurological Diseases, Illnesses, & Disorders Affect The Nervous System

stem-cell-brain-therapyThe body’s nervous system is an intricate network designed to regulate and coordinate our fundamental body function and activity. It is by and large a dual system made up of the Central Nervous System (CNS), that consists of the brain and spinal cord, and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) that consists of all the rest of the body’s neural elements. The CNS can be thought of as the body’s central processing unit, while the PNS circulates sensory info back and forth from all areas and parts of the body to the brain and back again.

When this network is interrupted by injury, disorder, or illness, neurological diseases and conditions result. Each type of neurological stem cell therapy at NSI is carefully formulated to work safely and effectively for each individual patient.

How Neurological Stem Cell Therapy Works

stem-cell-treatment-on-brain-nsi-floridaAll adult stem cells have the ability to be changed into whatever type of cell the body needs. But those that are stored in the fat that forms around our upper legs, belly area, and buttocks are especially potent. Additionally, these highly regenerative adult stem cells are found in particular abundance in our fat, making harvesting not only easier but the sample size much smaller than harvesting from other areas like bone marrow.

Neurological stem cell therapy “assigns” fledgling adult stem cells the tasks of becoming the exact types of cells needed for the re-growth and renewal of missing, malfunctioning, or injured tissue, bone , blood elements, or neural cells. Once processed and re-injected into the patient, the newly assigned adult stem cells always remain the specific type they have become. In the case of neurological diseases, the two major aims of neurological stem cell therapy is 1.) to aid in the regeneration and repair of neural circuitry and 2.) excrete protective factors that safeguard cells already working at a healthy level. Another important aim of neurological stem cell therapy is to hinder or, if and whenever possible, altogether stop the deterioration of cellular matter that neurological diseases or injuries may cause.

Where To Find Neurological Stem Cell Therapy

Pre-clinical research and trials all over the United States have demonstrated how neurological stem cell therapy can create cell integration and promote growth factors and synaptic rejuvenation. With over 600 neurological disorders and conditions known to medicine, the types of neurological stem cell therapy already in practice at NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida are opening the gates for a better quality of life for many who have been living with these neurological diseases, disorders, and injuries.

NSI Stem Cell Centers use adipose-derived stem cell treatment exclusively for neurological stem cell therapy.* Depending on what type of injury, ailment, or chronic condition is being treated, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy may be used to augment the Stem Cell Treatment.

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