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lupus2Lupus is also known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, or SLE, which is a serious and possibly fatal autoimmune disorder that mostly affects young women. Even though the underlying factor of this autoimmune is not completely understood, the immune system incorrectly attacks its own healthy tissues and cells, and that causes long term and chronic inflammation. The immune system attacks the joints, kidney, skin, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and brain. It is usually detected between the ages of 15 to 45.

Right now, there is estimated to be 240,000 people in the US who are diagnosed with lupus.

Symptoms of Lupus

Symptoms of lupus may come and go and may differ from each person. However, almost all people suffering from lupus may experience joint pain, swelling, and a lack of energy. The inflammation may affect joints such as fingers, wrist, hands, and the knees.

Other common symptoms include the following:

  • Chest Pain When Taking a Deep Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Fever With No Other Cause
  • General Discomfort, Uneasiness or Ill Feeling (Malaise)
  • Hair loss
  • Mouth Sores
  • Sensitivity to Sunlight
  • Skin Rashes, Butterfly Rashes, or Widespread Rashes
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes

Other symptoms would depend on the affected body part:

Brain and nervous system

  • Headaches
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems
  • Personality changes
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Digestive tract

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
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  • Abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
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  • Coughing up blood
  • Difficulty breathing
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  • Patchy skin color
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon where fingers change color whenever it’s cold
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Stem Cells and Natural Lupus Treatment

At NSI Stem Cell Centers, we believe that research on stem cells for lupus holds promise to better understand how the disease occurs. This research will allow us to discover new ways to treat lupus, which affects an estimated hundreds and thousands of people in the USA and millions of people all over the world. Expanding stem cell research paves the way for faster discovery of the potential therapeutic uses of stem cells for reversing countless diseases and lupus is one of them. Basic and clinical studies learn how stem cells can be used to develop lifesaving treatments.

What are Stem Cells?

Microsoft Word - Document5A stem cell is basically a blank cell. It is a specialized cell that is capable of becoming another more differentiated cell type in the body such as a skin, muscle, or a nerve cell. These are microscopic in size but they are big news in science and medical circles since they are used to replace and repair damaged tissues and cells in the body. Stem cells act as the body’s own natural repair system and can replenish other cells in the body. Stem cells have the potential to transform into many various types of cells in the body. Here at NSI Stem Cell Centers, we use adult stem cells which we get directly from the patient’s own fat cells. They are more specialized than embryonic stem cells. The body uses these mature stem cells to replenish other cells that die off throughout the cells’ normal course of life.

Stem Cell Treatment for Lupus

NSI Stem Cell Center’s latest applications for Lupus entail the use of adult stem cells. Stem cell therapy is currently utilized for treatment of severe cases of lupus. In this regenerative procedure, stem cells are taken from the patient themselves and are re-administered into the patient after doctors have purged the defective white blood cells that are accountable for lupus disease action. NSI Stem Cell Center’s results of several stem cell administrations and actual therapies for lupus have been promising. In studies, 50% of the patients have remained free from the disease for five years after undergoing the procedure.

Another type of adult stem cells being studied in numerous clinical research concerning lupus are mesenchymal stem cells. These cells originated from bone marrow or umbilical cord and feature anti-inflammatory properties.

The goal of stem cell treatment is to take down the barriers and promote the reversal of Lupus. Stem cell therapy holds promise as a another treatment avenue for lupus patients for whom other treatments have been unsuccessful. Here at NSI Stem Cell Centers, we have done numerous stem cell therapies for Lupus patients and the results are promising and positive.

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