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multiples sclerosis stem cell treatmentToday, thanks to years of research and advances in technology and medical findings, we have many amazing new types of natural Multiple sclerosis stem cell treatment right at our finger tips that can now be used to help people affected by MS. NSI Stem Cell Centers provides stem cell therapy for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis.

Our goal is to help those patients and individuals who have needs that have not been met by traditional treatments so that they can achieve optimum health and enjoy a better quality of life. One of the best advances for treating MS is the use of stem cells in targeted treatments and therapies.

Multiple sclerosis stem cell treatment has shown great promise at reducing symptoms, reversing damage, and restoring quality of life to those suffering with MS.* These procedures are especially promising for patients who don’t respond to traditional drug treatments and who want to avoid surgery and invasive procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment

What are stem cells?

stem cell therapyStem cells are a very unique type of cell that occurs in every person’s body in some amount. These unprogrammed cells are unique and are often best described as “shape shifters” because they have the ability to morph into other types of cells. So a set of stem cells can grow into liver cells, muscle cells, nerve cells, blood cells, and many other types of cells for a number of organs and tissues found throughout the body. This is why so many in the medical community are excited about Multiple Sclerosis stem cell treatment.

Adult stem cells are the types of cells most commonly used today in treatments and are the ones NSI Stem Cell uses in their therapies. These are highly potent stem cells harvested from areas throughout the body that can then be relocated to the problem areas that are being treated.

They are found in particular abundance in the body’s fat stores like those of the belly, legs or buttocks, which makes accessing them for patients far easier than other stem cell extraction procedures.

What are the types of MS?

Relapsing remitting MS: A cycle of acute attacks where symptoms worsen and then start to get better and then after a period of minor symptoms they worsen again into anther acute attack.  Around 85 percent of MS patients have this type.

Secondary progressive MS: After an initial period of relapsing remitting MS, the diagnosis of secondary progressive MS is common in many people. This is characterized by the gradual building of disability, with or without relapses.

Primary progressive MS: This version of MS is characterized by the gradual accumulation of disability right from the beginning with no major periods of relapse or remission. Only around 10-15 percent of people have this form of MS.

Progressive-Relapsing MS: Less than 5 percent of people with MS experience steadily worsening symptoms from the start with no improvement or relapses, only the constant symptoms with marked periods of worsening symptoms.

How do stem cells work with Multiple Sclerosis?

multiple sclerosis natural treatmentMultiple sclerosis stem cell treatment has changed the way we approach MS and many other related diseases and conditions. And this is promising because MS is one of many medical conditions that have stumped modern medicine.

Damage to the myelin sheath is believed to cause ‘relapses’, or MS attacks. In these attacks, symptoms flare up and last for anything from 24 hours to several months. Over time, if nerve fibers themselves become damaged, or destroyed completely, this can lead to progression of the MS and an increase in disability.

Multiple sclerosis is considered by many medical experts to be a type of autoimmune condition –a condition where the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks its own cells as an outside infection- with MS the immune system is attacking the myelin sheath which is the covering that protects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. When this covering is damaged it results in pain and issues with the nerves that cause the symptoms of MS.

This damage causes messages to and from the brain to be slowed, distorted, or stopped altogether. Multiple Sclerosis stem cell treatment addresses your body’s own cells to help heal the damage done to the nerve cells in order to regrow the myelin sheath, ease pain, and grow new healthy nerve cells as well.

What Happens During Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment?

Here at NSI Stem Cell we use stem cell treatment plans that have been designed to target the myelin sheath to help regrow this covering and improve the health of existing nerve cells. Our Multiple Sclerosis stem cell treatment can also help regrow new healthy nerve cells to replace the damaged ones.* This process is called re-myelination.

We are also applying Stem Cell Treatments to effectively treat the auto immune side of MS. Our goal is to be able to use a patient’s own stem cells to repair the immune system and thus keep it from attacking itself. This process is referred to as immuno-modulation and it is proving to be quite effective and our hope is to improve the quality of life for all of our patients dealing with MS.


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