Natural Alzheimers Treatment Using Stem Cell Therapy

stem-cell-therapy-alzheimers-diseaseAlzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a devastating condition that affects many millions of Americans and the lives of their loved ones. It generally reveals itself anywhere from middle to old age, causing a decline in mental acuity as the brain’s neurons are overwhelmed by damage. An effective Alzheimer’s treatment is one of science’s holy grails, and many doctors believe it is destined to be found through stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy At NSI Stem Cell

Stem cell therapy is now widely available throughout the U.S. at advanced medical clinics like NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida. It has already changed the face of many treatments as varied as hair loss to COPD.* Now researchers in the U.S. and around the world are turning their attention to the exciting promise of a future Alzheimer’s Disease stem cell therapy. And NSI is keeping a close eye on the developments that may one day lead to Alzheimer’s treatment.

What Doctors Are Learning About Using Natural Alzheimers Treatment Using Stem Cell Therapy

natural-alzheimers-treatmentThe findings of one such study were published on website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a U.S. government-funded national resource for molecular biology information. The study examined the effects of stem cells that were harvested from several different areas of the body, including bone marrow and fatty tissue. Of particular interest is the impressive performance from those derived from normal body fat stores and how they might be used in a future Alzheimer’s treatment.

These stem cells are called adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs). They are easily harvested from the body’s own fatty layer like that which forms around the buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Since the discovery of ADMSCs, there has been an explosion in clinical research as well as the availability of stem cell treatments to the general public.

ADMSCs are exceptionally potent stem cells that are easily harvested from a patient’s own fatty tissue in an outpatient environment without the need for major surgery or full anesthesia. They have the ability to become virtually any type of tissue needed by the body in order to repair, regenerate and boost the performance of other cells; from bone to cartilage to blood to skin and muscle. This includes the impressive potential to repair brain cells, and even grow new ones. So it’s understandable why having such a potent type of stem cell so readily harvested with minimal trouble for the patient makes them an especially exciting candidate in the search for an effective stem cell Alzheimer’s treatment.

What The Alzheimer’s Treatment Study Revealed About ADMSCs

stem-cell-therapy-for-alzheimers-diseaseWhen introduced into laboratory mice, the adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells differentiated into cells very much like neurons and astrocytes (a type of cell found in the central nervous system). The result was improved blood vessel formation as well as improvement in the linings of blood vessels. This improved overall brain function, including cognitive and motor functions.

What does all this mean for Alzheimer’s treatment through stem cell therapy? It holds great potential to bring fresh, regenerative cells directly to the brain.



Where To Find Natural Alzheimers Treatment Using Adipose Stem Cell Treatments Today

Not long ago, the various stem cell therapies available were known mostly only in the world of pro sports or at levels of high privilege. Now, however, because FDA guidelines-compliant medical clinics like NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida have been well established, an ever-growing range of adipose stem cell therapies are improving the lives of the American public everywhere.

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