Stroke Therapy & Stem Cells

Stroke is a leading cause of adult impairment, with 20% of its survivors requiring institutionalized care and up to 30% of them being severely and permanently disabled. About 87% of strokes are caused by ischemia, and the rest are caused by hemorrhage.

Ischemic strokes are caused by the vessels being blocked so there is a lack of blood flow to areas of the brain, and hemorrhagic strokes are caused when the vessels rupture and blood pools and pushes into the brain tissue, causing damage. Both are deadly or debilitating, but NSI Stem Cell Center therapies are showing promising results.

Stem Cell Therapy For Stroke Survivors

There is hope that stem cell therapy for stroke survivors can help reverse some or all stroke damage for some patients. Our success stories in a wide variety of other stem cell therapies addressing various forms of disease offer a great deal of hope and optimism as our progress on stem cell therapy for stroke patients continues.*

Stroke Symptoms and Signs

Stem cell therapy for stroke patients reflects the newest trend in stroke therapy, but it is also the most promising for dealing with the severe symptoms and effects of a stroke. Stroke symptoms typically start suddenly, lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes in most cases. This makes them hard to notice at first in many cases because they are so fleeting or easy to pass off as something minor or less severe.

The symptoms a person exhibits during a stroke depend on the area of the brain that is affected. The severity of the effects of the stroke also depends on the amount of brain tissue affected because the more extensive the affected area is, the more severe the effects will be and the more extreme the loss of function will be.

Conventional therapy for blood clot strokes is the use of a device to clear the clot and restore blood flow. However, thrombolytics must be used within a few hours of the first stroke symptoms. Most patients go well beyond this window before they even realize they are having a stroke, and thus cannot get this type of therapy.

Advanced medical clinics have been working on developing stem cell therapy for stroke patients, and the results of this stem cell stroke research are promising. Stem cell stroke procedures are becoming a reality, as is the recovery stem cell stroke therapy can produce.

After a Stroke

Many people know of someone who has suffered a stroke, and in many cases it is a friend or family member. They are already aware of the loss of function and problems that a stroke can cause, as well as the lasting effects it can have on a person.

People living after a stroke are searching for something, possibly a medicine to reverse stroke, that will bring back normal motor function and restore the brain and body to the way they were before the stroke. Even if a complete recovery is impossible, they are often desperate for anything that will provide lesser impairment than before. However, other than physical, occupational, and speech therapies, there are few options currently open to most patients. Our stem cell stroke therapies are designed to change this, and we anticipate that stem cell stroke procedures will revolutionize modern stroke therapy methods.

Stem Cell Therapy and Strokes

Until recently, it was believed that any sort of death of brain cells or damage to neurons or the tissue of the brain was permanent. Thanks to the study of stem cell therapy, we now understand that the re-growth of brain cells and improvement of neurological functions are possible.

In stem cell stroke therapy, Large numbers of active stem cells are used in the re-growth of neural tissue and brain cells and, fortunately, most people have an ample supply. The patient’s own stem cells can be used, and these amazing cells are harvested from abdominal fat or bone marrow and then are put back into the body in the areas in need of re-growth. The cells implement new growth by giving the regeneration process a kick start, and thus stem cells stroke therapy is accomplished.

Stem cell stroke therapy is safe, and many clinical tests and trials have shown rapid healing and improved brain functions for patients getting stem cell therapies for stroke. Stem cell therapy improves patient mobility, strength, stamina, and brain functions too!*

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A stroke can be devastating in and of itself, but when you add in the fact that in most cases it can hit anyone without warning, it becomes even more terrifying. Thankfully, with continued clinical trials and studies, we are getting closer to even better stem cell stroke therapy and care options for all!

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