What Stem Cell Therapy Can Do For Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Traumatic brain injury is a devastating condition that is most commonly associated with severe trauma, massive head injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or other catastrophic injuries or side effects of diseases.

Using stem cells for TBI therapy successfully means overcoming the damage done to the neurons of the brain to achieve brain injury rehabilitation. The stem cells provide head injury therapy by working to repair, or at least partly heal, the connections between the nerves and cells within the brain.

This process will help restore motor, speech, and a variety of other functions that are often lost as the result of a traumatic brain injury.

Until the advent of cutting-edge stem cell therapy, brain injury recovery had proven to be very difficult for medicine to successfully achieve and duplicate with consistent results. However, the issues associated with traumatic brain injury of this magnitude can be addressed using stem cells. These are the amazing powerhouse cells that are able to help brain cells regenerate and repair the delicate tissue of the brain. Using stem cells in the service of head injury therapy is a reality and we here at NSI Stem Cell Centers in Florida are proud to be an FDA guidelines-compliant clinic that brings stem cell therapy for traumatic brain injury to the public.*

Traumatic brain injury is among the suite of conditions and illnesses that are categorized as neurological disorders, along with Parkinson’s Disease or Spinal Cord Injury for example. While these different types of conditions are not necessarily related, they do share the common connection of being conditions or illnesses that affect the body’s neurology, which is to say, the nervous system. And stem cell therapy is uniquely equipped to address neurological conditions.

Brain Cell Basics And What Happens In Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Brain cells can become dormant after injury but, in most cases, human brain cells are able to regenerate and grow new cells to take the place of the damaged ones. The problem is that if the damage is too bad or too extensive, then the regeneration, including brain cell regeneration, cannot keep up, and at that point, cell death occurs. The brain is essentially the body’s “command center,” and without healthy brain cells, the body cannot function properly. When certain systems and organs cannot perform as they should, it sets off a domino effect that can be felt and seen throughout the body.

In recent years, the power of the stem cell has become better understood and harnessed, and as a result, we’ve learned that traumatic brain injury recovery can be a truly attainable reality for more people. NSI Stem Cell Centers have developed therapies using stem cells to care for brain injuries, making the outlook for those with traumatic brain injury far brighter! Significant, too, is that our procedure uses stem cells to help the symptoms of brain injuries of a number of different types.

Using Stem Cells for Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Stem cells can be used in many different ways to help heal the body.* Our adipose(Fat)-derived and bone marrow-derived stem cell therapies for TBI are an innovative therapy practiced in the United States that is safe and effective. Once the stem cells have been harvested from a small sample of his or her own easily accessed fatty layer (usually those of the legs, belly area, or buttocks), and the adult stem cells are prepared and “assigned” to be brain cells, they are injected back into the patient.

The cells naturally migrate to the area of traumatic brain injury, where they will continue to reproduce copies of themselves and integrate into brain tissues that have suffered injury, thus promoting brain cell regeneration and repairing the damage.

Since NSI Stem Cell uses only fat-derived stem cells from the patient who is undergoing therapy, the procedure is simple, safe, and is complete in a matter of hours on an outpatient basis. It requires only local anesthesia at the small area where the sample is extracted, and there is very little or no downtime after the therapy session.

Here at NSI Stem Cell, focusing on providing relief for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury is among our top priorities.

The Power of Stem Cells in Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Going back to as far as 15 years ago, medical research has shown the power of stem cells to help grow new healthy cells and shortly thereafter the discovery was made that stem cells can also change and grow into other varied types of cells. This phenomenon is called transdifferentiation, and they can become nerve, blood, skin, organ, hair, and many other different types of cells. Including brain cells!

Addressing the symptoms of traumatic brain injury with the use of human-derived stem cells is not only feasible, but practical and very effective.* They are safe, easy to attain, and have less chance of side effects. Stem cells are already used to address conditions including baldness, erectile dysfunction, spinal cord injury, kidney failure, diabetes, heart failure, and even multiple sclerosis among many others. And now NSI Stem Cell Centers are showing that these powerful cells can help address a range of spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury.*

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A TBI can happen in many ways and leave yourself or a loved one with lasting side effects, many that can be devastating and life-altering.  With continued research and clinical studies, we are learning more about TBI and how to help the brain recover from such severe injuries.

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