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The Keto Diet Plan and Alzheimer’s Prevention

Can a Keto Diet Plan be Linked to Alzheimer’s Prevention? Some Studies Show Evidence!

Is there any evidence that the right kind of diet may help with Alzheimer’s disease prevention? There is intriguing support coming out of studies being done today that are looking at the keto diet plan as an integral part of Alzheimer’s prevention.

Not only are there indicators that a keto diet plan may have an impact on overall brain health, but also in other risk factors related to this devastating disease, including metabolic health.

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Successful Dieting- A Diet That Works!

There are five key aspects that you need to focus on with your diet plan in order to have success. Successful dieting comes down to getting good local diet and weight loss support and staying focused on the important goals and key areas:

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11 Great Anti-Aging Foods!

Can we really slow aging? That question has driven humanity to some amazing actions through the centuries. That’s because, for most of that time, mankind was certain the answer to anti-aging always lay beyond the horizon.

We had to find the Fountain of Youth, or dine on the Peaches of Immortality, or (better send your daughter out of the room right now) eat a mermaid. Think of all the trouble that could have been avoided if our ancestors had known they needn’t look any further than their own gardens, streams, and farms.

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10 Tips for Enjoying Healthy Holiday Foods

Check Out These Great Tips on Enjoying Healthy Holiday Foods & Parties at the Same Time!

It’s official! Time for sharing love, laughter, and great holiday eating with family and friends. It can be a joyous time. But if you’re someone who has diabetes or other food-sensitive conditions, it can also a time of temptation and stress.

The nutritionists at the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) –a leading regenerative medicine clinic based in the United States- know that navigating holiday eating can be tricky. But there’s good news. Delicious, healthy holiday foods can keep you on track without making you feel deprived!

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