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Healthy and Cheap Foods to Add to Your Diet!

It is common knowledge that healthy foods are the better choice and that fresh fruits and veggies should be in our diets daily. Many people, as they try to eat healthier are discouraged by the high cost of fresh foods and the seemingly endless array of high priced foods that claim to be all natural and healthy.

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Somatic Exercises: Hip Pain Relief

Do You Have a Frozen Hip or Hip Pain? Somatic Exercises Can Help!

Has a medical professional or physical therapist recommended somatic exercises for your frozen hip? It’s a good call. Somatic exercises work in concert with the body’s nervous system to relax muscle tension, ease chronic hip pain, improve posture, and restore fluidity when you move. These therapeutic exercises for hip conditions are designed to be done slowly and gently, making them a great fit for every age and fitness level.

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4 Tips for Practicing Preventative Medicine

Practicing Preventative Medicine Improves Health & Helps Cut Health Costs

The trend for practicing preventative medicine has steadily increased, and for good reason. Health costs continue to skyrocket, bringing the need for people to be pro-active in their well-being into sharp focus.

It has always been a good idea that has been encouraged by every legitimate medical field. The National Stem Cell Institute (NSI), one of the U.S.’s leading regenerative medicine clinics, is no exception in this opinion.

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How Mindfulness Helps You Lose Weight Naturally

Simple and Effective, Mindfulness Can Boost Natural Weight Loss

Mindful eating. What is it, and how does it help natural weight loss? To understand that, it helps to first understand what mindfulness is. Simply put, mindfulness is the therapeutic technique of focusing on the present moment: clueing in on how you’re feeling physically and/or emotionally, and being more aware of your surroundings.

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11 Great Anti-Aging Foods!

Can we really slow aging? That question has driven humanity to some amazing actions through the centuries. That’s because, for most of that time, mankind was certain the answer to anti-aging always lay beyond the horizon.

We had to find the Fountain of Youth, or dine on the Peaches of Immortality, or (better send your daughter out of the room right now) eat a mermaid. Think of all the trouble that could have been avoided if our ancestors had known they needn’t look any further than their own gardens, streams, and farms.

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