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Pain in Ankle? Treatment for Ankle Pain!

What’s Causing Your Foot and Ankle Pain?

Do any of these sound familiar? Everything seemed fine just after your work out, right? Then, seemingly out of nowhere you experience ankle pain. Or, right in the middle of a good run, you feel a shooting pain. What could it be, and what’s the right treatment for your ankle pain?

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Advancements in Osteoarthritis Treatment

Today’s PRP and Stem Cell Therapies are Changing How Modern Medicine Looks at Osteoarthritis

Though they’ve been around for many years now, this may be the first time you’ve heard of platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies for osteoarthritis. You’re not alone if this is the case. These advanced medical techniques have been primarily in use for sports medicine.

But over the past several years, these revolutionary therapies have begun changing the way physicians approach joint pain well beyond the realms of professional sports medicine.

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What Peripheral Nerve Pain is Telling You

Are You Experiencing Nerve Pain in Your Hands, Legs, or Feet?

Does this sound like you? You’ve had a little bit of numbness or a prickling sensation in the toes of one of your feet. It’s been there a while. It’s been annoying, but nothing serious. Just part of getting older, right? Except that, lately, the prickling has worsened into a sharp, jabbing sensation.

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The Barometric Pressure and Pain Connection

Have You Noticed the Connection Between Barometric Pressure and Pain?

When you were a kid, did you ever hear the old timers talk about “arthritis weather?” You probably didn’t give it much thought until you got older yourself. But now? Well, now you’re beginning to notice the connection between barometric pressure and pain. But many people don’t understand how and why weather affects joint pain like that of the wrists and hands, the hips, or the knees. Continue reading “The Barometric Pressure and Pain Connection”