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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Change Your Life

There have been many amazing developments over the last five to ten years in the medical field, particularly in the area of disease treatment and recovery. One of the greatest advancements is in the application of stem cells.

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The 14 Most Common Autoimmune Disease Types

Do You Suspect You Have An Autoimmune Disease? Here’s a Look at the 14 Most Common and Their Symptoms.

Diagnosing an autoimmune disease can be tricky. That’s because so many illnesses and autoimmune disorders have symptoms that are similar in nature. Nevertheless, it’s important to pin down a definitive diagnosis in order to receive effective therapy. If you suspect that you may be suffering from an autoimmune disease but find all the symptom variations daunting, you’re not alone. Continue reading “The 14 Most Common Autoimmune Disease Types”

The 6 Exact Steps to Today’s Stem Cell Therapy

In the U.S., Modern Stem Cell Therapy Must Meet Exacting Standards

Today’s stem cell therapy has opened new worlds of wellness and potential across the globe. Here in the United States, a particular type of stem cell and a minimally invasive procedure that meets FDA guidelines have revolutionized the face of regenerative medicine. This is not to say that stem cell research has waned. Far from it. New discoveries in stem cell therapy are being made practically on a daily basis. Continue reading “The 6 Exact Steps to Today’s Stem Cell Therapy”