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Is Our Modern Environment Promoting Type 2 Diabetes?

Diet and Exercise May Not Be the Only Things Affecting Your Diabetes

By now, almost everyone knows that a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle contributes to the risk of type 2 diabetes. Far less known by the public are some surprising, lesser-known environmental factors that can also affect diabetes and may even be the reason some people develop it. But what can be done about them? Continue reading “Is Our Modern Environment Promoting Type 2 Diabetes?”

FAQ – Osteoarthritis and Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Osteoarthritis

arthritis treatmentThese days, there are new advances and groundbreaking innovations in medicines that gives people suffering from osteoarthritis more reason to hope. NSI Stem Cell in Florida is offering a new approach to treating Osteoarthritis and that is through stem cell therapy.* Continue reading “FAQ – Osteoarthritis and Stem Cell Therapy”