The Best Exercises to Improve Lymphatic Flow


The lymphatic system is comprised of a network of vessels that move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This specialized fluid absorbs waste and toxins from all areas of the body and then expels it from the body. If your lymphatic system is blocked or clogged, the body can become poisoned by its own toxic waste building up. This can lead to inflammation, pain, swelling, illness, and disease; this is why it is important to keep the system flowing and to know what you can do to help with improving lymphatic flow when it does start to slow down. Thankfully one of the best ways to keep the lymphatic system working properly is to use exercises that help the lymphatic system move fluid throughout the body- here are some great ones you can start with:

best exercises for lymphatic system

Pelvic Tilt

Lie flat on your back move your arms so your hands are clasped behind your head. If this position is uncomfortable for you, then keep your stretched out flat alongside your body. Bend your knees so both feet are flat on the floor and keep them in alignment with your hips as much as possible. Slowly tighten your muscles and tuck your tailbone under so you are pressing the lower back into the floor, and then release. Do this at least 10 times each time.

Neck Rotation

This is a good workout you can do anywhere- even sitting at your office chair! Sit or stand with your back straight and your shoulders level. As you inhale, slowly turn your head to the right to a count of five. Hold for a count of five then exhale for a count of five. Repeat this same process with the other side. Do five repetitions on each side for a good workout. This is a good workout for improving lymphatic flow been when stuck at a desk all day!

neck rotation

Shoulder Shrug

This is another great workout for those who are stuck doing desk work for long hours each day. When you know the exercises that help the lymphatic system work as it should you can help keep yourself healthy day in and day out. Stand or sit in a comfortable position and do a few slow deep breaths to relax. As you inhale, pull your shoulders up together at the same time toward your ears, hold for a five count, and then exhale and relax to a natural position.


Leg Slides

For exercises that help the lymphatic system, this one is a little more involved and needs to be done at home. Lie on your back, put your arms to your sides and extend your legs out straight. As you slowly inhale, slide one leg along the floor and out to the side as far as you comfortably can. Exhale and slowly sliding the leg back to its starting position. Repeat on the other side and repeat for 5 reps on each side. This helps keep lymphatic fluids flowing.

Ankle Pumps

Another workout you can do at home is ankle pumps. Lying on the floor flat on your back, pull your arms up over your head and straighten your arms as much as you can. Starting with one leg rotate the ankle three times then flex for your toes point like a ballerina. Repeat on the other side and do these five times on each side. If you cannot laydown, try to sit in a chair or on the floor and straighten your legs as much as possible and do the toe flex.


Leg Falls

The final option you have for exercises that help the lymphatic system, you can do easy leg lift and fall workouts. Simply lie down on your back and make sure your knees are bent with the feet flat on the floor. Lower your leg, to the side, so the knee touches the floor off to the side of your hip. Do the same with the other leg then pull them back to the center position. Perform five times on each side to help with improving lymphatic flow throughout the body.

If your lymphatic system is blocked or clogged, the body can become poisoned by its own toxic waste building up. This can lead to a host of issues so doing these simple exercises every day can help keep the lymphatic system in order. These are just some of the exercises that help the lymphatic system so you can start improving lymphatic flow right now! And another way to stay fit and heathy is to opt for more natural approaches to treating illnesses, diseases, or chronic condition- that is where NSI can make all the differnece in the world!

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