Top 15 Ways to Activate A Stalled Lymphatic System And Jumpstart Detox


A very popular trend among many individuals today is the detox. Whether it is for a day or a week, many are turning to detox cleanses to help rid the body of harmful toxins and buildup that occurs as part of an unhealthy way of living. Many people however end up being very discouraged and disheartened when they go on a detox fast or cleanse because they feel sick, have low energy, or suffer other side effects and they are not sure why it is happening. The detox is supposed to help you feel better and be healthier so why would that happen? One of the biggest causes for the negative side effects is that they body cannot keep up with the amount of flushing the body is doing in an attempt to get rid of all the toxic buildup.

The biggest system in the body that helps with detoxing is the lymphatic system, and if this system is overworked, then it cannot properly flush and cleanse the body. Many people do not understand how the lymphatic system affects detox cleanses and this makes them less effective. If you are looking for local support for lymphatic concerns or other health and dietary issues, contact us today and let our team of experts go to work for you!

How Does the Lymphatic System Work?

A properly functioning lymphatic system is an essential piece of the puzzle that is a body full of health and vitality. However, the lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked, most neglected, and most misunderstood of the body’s systems. Your lymphatic system is the body’s garbage and trash disposal team- it collects, moves, and eliminates waste from the body so they do not make the body sick. It is also one of the systems that absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the food we eat and helps distribute them throughout the body, also further fighting toxic buildup. The lymphatic system is also a key part of the immune system and plays a role in removing harmful antigens and foreign attackers and keeps the body flushed so nasty viruses, bacteria, and the like cannot build up within the body. But, the lymphatic system has to have help because there is no pumping mechanism to move the fluid through the system to keep it moving. There is no ‘heart’ to pump so your entire body has to be the pump and keep things flowing. This is one of the most important parts of understanding how the lymphatic system affects detox and diets and will help you see the best results you have ever had!


The Lymph System is Made Up Of:

Several key components make up this important body system; our team offers local support for lymphatic concerns and can help you ensure each of these parts are working to their full potential:

Lymphatic vessels – a system of specialized vessels that work their way throughout the body, gathering up lymphatic fluids which then absorb all manner of metabolic cellular waste. This also includes dead cells, and toxins and directs them to elimination points throughout the body where they are passed through sweat, the bowls, etc.

Lymphocytes – these are the primary cells that make up the lymphatic system and are known as either T cells and B cells. The T cells are made in the thymus and are the cells that support the immune system by killing invaders and destroying abnormal cells. The B cells develop in bone marrow work to make antibodies and to aid in the elimination of waste.

Lymph nodes – most people have at least heard of these and know about them if only by name, or maybe where a few of them are located. These are the filtering stations where the toxins and harmful elements collected are neutralized and then sent on to be eliminated. Many people know about lymph nodes because they get enlarged and sore when the body is fighting an infection due to the volume of fluid being filtered as the system does its job.

Thymus – this is a tiny gland under the breastbone that works to produce white blood cells.

Spleen – one of the organs that work with the lymph system to produce lymphocytes.

Bone marrow – there area were white blood cells, stem cells, and lymphatic cells are made.


Healthy Cells Mean a Healthy Body

Lymphatic congestion, a condition where the lymphatic system is not flowing and flushing the body as effectively as it should, is a major factor that causes inflammation and disease. To understand how the lymphatic system affects detox attempts, we must understand how to keep the system working at maximum efficiency. This means knowing what causes is to work and also what causes it to stop working.

Our team of experts have worked with many patients and offer local support for lymphatic concerns as well as offering steps on how to reverse stalls and congestion and keep the system flowing smoothly. If the lymph is not flowing like it should be, the cells of the lymphatic system as well as cells throughout the body, are poisoned from the buildup of the toxins in the body- much like how a backed-up garbage disposal will make the entire kitchen turn into a smelling disgusting cesspool. The results of this buildup include fatigue, swelling, headaches, lack of focus, infections, stomach upset, organ stress and failure, inflammation, disease, and worsening of existing health concerns.

Living a sedentary lifestyle, eating a poor diet, and exposure to a toxic environment all contribute to this backup. When the cells are not healthy, the body cannot be healthy- this is one of the most important revelations you need to have to truly know how the lymphatic system affects detox attempts.


What Backs Up the Lymph?

There are many things that can cause the lymphatic system to stall or back up, and our team of experts have years of experience offering local support for lymphatic concerns. If you are having problems with your detox and think a lymph issue is the cause, be sure to contact us today and let us help! In the meantime, here are the common causes of lymph backup:

Lack of Movement: In order to maintain good lymphatic flow, the body needs to be in a state of movement as this help push the lymph fluid throughout the body.

Dehydration: Being dehydrated means there is less fluid in the entire body, which is especially detrimental to the flow of the lymphatic system.


Stress: Stress hormones are more acidic than other fluids and substances and this buildup can make the lymph systems sluggish and can cause them to stall.

Chronic Digestive Imbalance: Having stomach problems at one extreme or the other makes it harder for the body to regulate and control waste elimination.

Processed Foods: An unhealthy diet, particularly one containing processed foods and bad fats, will lead to a sluggish lymphatic system.

Chemical Exposures: Exposure to outside toxins means there is more that the body has to fight against- chemicals, pesticides, toxins, fumes, and the like are bad!


What Activates the Lymph System?

An active lymphatic system keeps the body regulated and keeps the waste elimination moving at a good, normal, healthy pace. If you want to better understand how the lymphatic system affects detox diets and cleanses take the time to try some of these system restarts for 2 weeks and see the difference it can make!

We offer local support for lymphatic concerns of all kinds and have worked with many individuals and have seen it all- these are the most effective methods for activating a stalled lymphatic system:



Fact: While the lymphatic system has not pump, the body can serve as the pump and the very act of breathing can help ensure proper fluid flow. Proper breathing is one thing that affects the lymphatic system and deep breathing ensure lymph healthy and smoothness. Constant shallow breathing will quickly result in lymphatic congestion and stalling.

Tip: Practice deep breathing throughout the day as often as you can. Breathe in slowly through your nose, deeply pushing the stomach out. Slowly let your breath go out through your mouth. Doing this 10-20 times every hour throughout the day will be a huge benefit!



Fact: Dehydration is one of the most common causes of lymph congestion and toxin buildup. Lymph fluid becomes thicker and flows slower when you are dehydrated, and flows best when you are well hydrated. Water is the best to adequately rehydrate the body and drinks such as soda, coffee, alcohol, and the like should be avoided as much as possible.

Tip: Hot pure spring water is the best source of hydration for the body and consuming 4-8 cups day will do wonders for your lymph system. You can add this to your normal fluid intake and getting more than the minimum of 8 cups a day is usually not a bad thing at all.



Fact: Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of toxic waste through the skin’s pores. This results in not just toxin elimination but also yields improved immunity, health cell regeneration, refreshed skin, and can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Tip: Forming the habit of dry skin brushing just a few minutes before you take a shower or bath can help improve toxin elimination. The stimulation of the skin signals the lymph to empty and the toxins can be washed away with your shower!



Fact: Speaking of showers, the temperature of your water can impact the lymphatic system as the vessels contract when cold, and dilate in heat. A hot and cold shower with alternating temperatures can help keep the system flowing and can prevent stalls. Doing at least one cycle of hot then cold is needed but multiple cycles in one shower can also be beneficial.

Tip: You can do as many repeat sets as you want but be sure to always end on cold water so the pores close back up. It is important that you avoid this if you are pregnant, or if there are underlying health concerns as extreme temperature changes may be harmful!



Fact: The lymphatic system is moved and regulated by the body and movement helps pump the fluid throughout the system. Stagnation from sitting all day is a major problem and standing up and moving as much as possible is one of the best ways to improve lymph flow. Moving is critical for improving the results for how the lymphatic system affects detoxes.

Tip: Fortunately, just about any type of movement will help- if you work at a job that has you sitting a lot do things at your desk every 20-30 minutes. Simple knee bends, arm and leg stretches, marching in place, small walks, and even stretching is better than nothing!



Fact: One of the best things that will help to activate lymphatic flow is a good walk. Walking at a brisk pace for as little as 5-10 minutes can help keep everything flowing for the next few hours and will go a long way in preventing clogging of the lymphatic system. You can walk throughout the day to keep the benefits going all day long.

Tip: It is usually best to shoot for 30-60 minute so of walking each day. A 5-minute walk to and from the car each day, a quick walk at lunch, and an evening walk before bed or to walk the dog when you get home can quickly add up to your target walking time.



Fact: One natural phenomenon you can utilize is known as the gravitational pull principle – the idea that the force of gravity on your body when you jump or bounce helps move fluid through the body by gravitational force. Using an inexpensive exercise ball or yoga ball is an easy way to get the bounce in at home or at the office.

Tip: It is best to start off with a short bouncing time so you do not hurt yourself or strain your muscles. Keep the movements simple and soft and remember that even small movements for short periods of time has a huge impact on toxin flushing.



Fact: Stretching and yoga poses have proven to be highly effective for moving lymph. This discovery has had a huge impact on our understanding of how the lymphatic system affects detox cleanses and diets. Many places that offer local support for lymphatic concerns also recommend some sort of yoga or stretching on a regular basis.

Tip: Holding stretches, the tightening and loosening of muscles, combined with the deep breathing techniques or yoga and meditation can help direct lymph through the body and is thought to be especially helpful with removing toxins from deep organs and tissues.



Fact: Lymphatic massage area done with the aim to help improve lymph flow, reduce swelling, flush toxins out of the body, and helps speed the recovery of areas poisoned by toxin buildup. They are a special type of massage that not everyone can do, so it is important to find someone trained and experienced with this massage practice.

Tip: Working with a professional lymphatic massage therapist is the best way to see results and improvements with your detox. However, you can also do a self-massage of key areas to improve lymph flow- arms, legs, shoulders, face, and stomach being the easiest to do.



Fact: These specially developed saunas provide a good detoxification boost that many people has come to enjoy. The painless infrared waves penetrate deep and reach the tissues and organs deep in the body, elevating temperature, stimulating better circulation, kills toxins and germs in the body, and also stimulates sweating.

Tip: If you are lucky enough to be able to get an infrared sauna maximize your benefits- practice deep breathing and meditation while enjoying the sauna, work on muscle groups such as the legs and arms and shoulder while you are sitting and relaxing.



Fact: Many people are not aware of the impact their clothing can have on their health. Many are surprised at how the toxins in the clothes we wear are absorbed by the body and how the lymphatic system affects detox when there is daily exposure to harmful substances in the very clothes that we are wearing!

Tip: Most experts who offer local support for lymphatic concerns recommend that you wear comfortable clothes made from natural fibers. Manmade synthetic materials have toxic elements so stick with cotton, wool, silk, linen, and natural fibers whenever possible!



Fact: Many people are surprised to learn that the area of the armpits and groin area have some of the largest concentrations of lymph nodes in the body. For this reason, tight bras and underwear, underwire bras, and underwear that is too tight and constrictive can actually harm the boy and make the lymphatic system less effective.

Tip: Avoid underwire bras and choose loose-fitting pants and underwear. Whenever you can, buy natural fibers and loose underwear that is not tight and that does not cut into you or leave you feeling sore after wearing it all day long.



Fact: The largest organ of the body is the skin and it is also the biggest place for toxin elimination and absorption. The toxins in the body often leave through the skin and whatever toxins are left sitting on the skin will be absorbed by the body throughout the day. This is why skin care and makeup choices are so important!

Tip: Avoid products that use a lot of chemicals, synthetics, and toxic ingredients- instead, opt for natural ingredients, or greatly reduce the amount of makeup you use and the length of time you let it stay on your skin.



Fact: The food you eat is very important for your overall health and this includes the lymphatic system! Consuming processed foods and foods that have a lot of sugar and fats and preservatives in them can cause inflammation throughout the body. It will also create problems with toxin buildup and can lead to severe lymphatic system congestion.

Tip: Chlorophyll purifies the lymph and blood so eating a lot of green leafy veggies is a good way to fight the toxins. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats from nuts and fish can also ensure the entire body stays balanced and healthy!

processed foods


Fact: The final thing many people are surprised to learn when it comes to figuring out how the lymphatic system affects detox cleanses, is that herbal teas are perfect! Many herbal teas directly impact lymph systems and improve detoxing- red clover, goldenseal, ginger, indigo root, astragalus, mullein, fenugreek, sarsaparilla, and golden seal are just some of them!

Tip: Try some of these teas and choose 3 that you like the best. Work them into your daily diet- one type in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening- to get the benefits and improve your toxin flushing all day long!


Understanding how the lymph works, how the lymphatic system affects detox cleanses, and what you can do to boost your lymphatic system is information that will help you be happier and healthier, whether you are doing a detox currently or not. It can make the difference in your final results, can provide you with a smoother detox experience, keeps you energized, and ensure your entire body stays balanced and on track! The exciting news is that keeping the lymph moving costs very little and there is no need for expensive medication, harmful drugs, or annoying pills. Eating right and taking care of yourself is the single best thing you can do and with our local support for lymphatic concerns that you may have you can get started on the path to healthier living with a lymphatic system that does its job and does it effectively day in and day out!

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