What is Ozone Therapy? Is it For Me?


What Can Ozone Therapy Do to Help Me?

Pretty much everyone has heard of ozone. Very nearly on a daily basis, we hear about the Earth’s ozone layer or how the air smells after a lightning strike that leaves ozone particles in its wake. But did you know that medical science has developed ozone therapy for alleviating a variety of health conditions?

The National Stem Cell Institute (NSI), a leading U.S. regenerative medicine clinic, gets questions about ozone therapy on a regular basis as the word spreads about its therapeutic uses. This basic treatment augments therapies for a wide array of illnesses, conditions, and injuries such as arthritis, Lyme disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Two of the most commonly asked questions are:

  • Does it work?
  • Will it help my condition?

To answer those questions, let’s take a closer look at exactly what ozone therapy is, how it’s applied in medical methods like IV ozone therapy, and how it might benefit you.

Ozone Therapy Basics

You probably already understand that ozone is a particular type of oxygen. The difference between the oxygen we breathe every day and ozone. It all comes down to counting molecules. The air we breathe has two oxygen atoms, while ozone has three.

Ozone is often referred to as “activated,” because its molecules are more energetic than standard oxygen.

This extra atom is the foundation of what turns this seemingly simple molecule into ozone therapy. Ozone is sometimes referred to as “activated oxygen.” Because it has three oxygen atoms instead of two, ozone exhibits very different behavior from the air we breathe. Besides its more energetic state, ozone also has mild oxidative qualities.

Used in a controlled medical environment, such as in ozone therapy, these two qualities of ozone make it a valuable medical tool.

ozone therapy

How Ozone is Made

Ozone occurs naturally, but can also be made through generators that produce it for ozone therapy and other medical and scientific uses.

Naturally Occurring Ozone

Natural ozone is made high in the atmospheric layer known as the stratosphere. This is the layer that skirts the edge of space. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) streaming from the sun comes into contact with the Earth’s oxygen in the atmosphere.

When the UV rays interact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, much of the UV energy is transferred to the oxygen. The transfer causes oxygen molecules to take on a third atom, and the earth’s ozone layer is the result. Without the discovery of the ozone layer in 1913, today’s ozone therapy may not exist.

Ozone is also a “down-to-earth” occurrence.

But lesser amounts of ozone can also occur here on the surface of Earth. Thunderstorms produce ozone. It is also created naturally when the sun’s UV rays interact with sprays of water –such as a waterfall- or in the foaming of the waves on seas and oceans.

Have you noticed how fresh the air smells at the seaside, or at the base of a roaring waterfall? That’s the ozone you smell. In a way, you might say that you’re getting a type of natural ozone therapy at these places!

natural ozone therapy

Man Made Ozone

While it’s fun to say that sitting on a beach chair and inhaling the fresh scents of the sea is “ozone therapy,” the true therapeutic uses for ozone are actually the result of the man-made type.

Artificially produced ozone was first developed on a practical scale during the second half of the 1800’s. Today, there are thousands of ozone generators available to the public to help freshen and clean the air in our homes. But these produce only very low amounts and are very different from the types of medical equipment used in ozone therapy. Effective ozone therapy involves the creation of high concentrations of ozone.

How Ozone is Used in Medical Therapy

Ozone is an oxidizer. When generated in high enough concentrations, ozone therapy is a powerful tool that can be used to help destroy bacteria, viruses, parasitic elements, amoeba, molds, and fungi. In addition, ozone therapy can break down harmful chemicals and impurities.

Ozone is thirty-five times more powerful than chlorine, but it does not contain harmful chemicals or byproducts like chlorine. When used correctly, ozone is fully non-toxic. This makes ozone therapy highly desirable.

Medical ozone therapy can be applied either externally –such as on the skin- or internally as with IV ozone therapy. Having been used for many years across the globe, ozone therapy is being used more and more in the United States.

Ozone therapy is utilized for a multitude of medical applications including:

  • Disinfection
  • External wound healing
  • Assisting immune system function
  • Helping to control and/or manage diseases such as colds, flu, and many chronic degenerative diseases

What Does Ozone Therapy Actually Do?

Ozone therapy interacts with the body’s biochemistry. For this reason, ozone therapy is classified as regenerative medicine along with stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies. Regenerative medicine techniques directly address the root causes of disease and/or injury.

Ozone therapy is utilized in five primary ways:

  1. It modulates the immune system, helping it to function as optimally as possible.
  2. It promotes an increase in oxygen delivery to tissues and cells.
  3. Ozone therapy destroys bacteria and viruses on contact. It also acts as an inhibitor, helping to stop viruses from attaching to cells.
  4. It helps to increase cellular energy.
  5. Ozone therapy decreases oxidation levels in the body.

That fifth function of ozone therapy may seem counterintuitive since ozone is itself an oxidative. But the body needs a certain level of oxidation. Without the right level of oxidation, the body dies. Oxidation via the right levels of ozone stimulates the body’s antioxidant enzyme systems. This, in turn, aids in the healthy balance of oxidation levels and in bringing the body back to a state of health.

IV ozone therapy functions much more efficiently and with better results than over-the-counter supplements such as vitamin C or E.

This is because, in spite of the claims and the hype, these so-called “antioxidants” don’t really lower oxidation levels in the body. Lowering oxidation is the job of the body’s antioxidant enzyme systems.

breathe easy with ozone therapy

Are There Side Effects Associated with Ozone Therapy?

It’s more accurate to think of side benefits connected to ozone therapy than side effects. Many therapies used in conventional medicine can cause undesirable symptoms even as they resolve others. Ozone therapy and IV ozone therapy have frequently been reported to have a positive effect on some physical and/or neurological symptoms in addition to the original reasons that brought the patient to ozone therapy in the first place.

This is one of the distinguishing qualities of regenerative medicine methods like ozone therapy. In addition to ozone and IV ozone therapies, regenerative methods like stem cell and platelet rich plasma medical procedures often result in side benefits rather than creating side effects commonly associated with traditional treatment methods.

Ozone Therapy Should Be Administered by a Medical Professional

Even though ozone therapy and other regenerative medicine methods are so safe and effective, they are still medical procedures that should be administered under the care of a trained professional. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure the regenerative medicine clinic that you choose is fully licensed with trained, experienced physicians and staff.

Regenerative medicine clinics are commonly known as stem cell clinics, though those operating in the United States provide other regenerative medicine procedures as well. The National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) offers advice below to help ensure that those interested in ozone therapy, IV ozone therapy, or other regenerative procedures are visiting a legitimate, FDA guidelines-compliant clinic.

What to Look for in a Stem Cell Medical Clinic

When searching for a qualified stem cell therapy center it’s important to remember that not all of them are created equal. Stem cells, when used properly, are your body’s most powerful means for healing that can repair everything from ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to organs including your liver, pancreas and lungs and even neurological tissue like your brain, nerves, and spinal cord.

Unfortunately, the majority of so-called “regenerative medicine clinics” in the world aren’t trained in the latest, most technologically advanced procedures and will, therefore, provide poor results if any.

The good news is the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) has established the most advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures on the planet which has drawn patients from all over the world as well as professional athletes and celebrities because they are recognized as the best in the world at stem cell therapy.

What makes NSI Stem Cell the top stem cell clinic in the world is demonstrated in 5 key areas:

1. Highly trained and experienced, board-certified doctors and team members who have performed stem cell procedures on thousands of patients with incredible results.

2. Cutting edge procedures utilizing all that regenerative medicine has to offer for many chronic degenerative conditions.

3. Leading scientific researchers who follow the advanced guidelines to maximize the healing potential of your stem cells and to maintain compliance and ethics

4. Use of only the most potent and viable resource of living, viable stem cells and harvested on the same day. No vial that you can purchase will contain living stem cells. If there is no harvest then there are no stem cells.

5. Post-operative guidance for supporting stem-cell growth including rehabilitation, diet and supplement protocols. NSI is a full-service healthcare center focused on patient outcomes. Stem cell therapy is only one tool used to help improve patients’ lives.

Patients have raved about their experience at NSI Stem Cell Clinics testifying that it was their unique cutting-edge procedures that helped them experience a breakthrough when nothing else worked.

If you want to learn more about NSI Stem Cell Clinics, you can set up a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate. You can contact the National Stem Cell Institute at (877) 278-3623.

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